The Orphu time machine was developed by alien race of time-travellers, the Orphu.

One particular timeship crashlanded in Nazi Berlin in 1943, with all the crew killed. The Nazi High Command took control of the rests and put a team of scientists to work on it. The team was led by Baron Heinrich Zemo, with one of the assistants being Dr. Klaus Kruptmann. After months of work, they finally repaired the timeship, and built two more operative timeships.

The Red Skull decided that the best way to use this weapon was to send elite commandos to the future, so that they could obtain fantastic weapons they could use against the Allies. The Blautot Commandos were chosen for this. They were sent to 1989, 2146 and 5718. The 5718 unit was lost, but the 2146 unit brought an almost impervious airborne attack vehicle that could level small towns.

The 1989 unit reached San Diego and was greeted by an aged Kruptmann, who was working in a secret project about "chronal locomation". Kruptmann was working for American federal government, but was still a faithful Nazi and wanted to help the Commandos. He helped them to enter a secret lab, where they could steal the Cavalier Infantry Support System. However, the Blautot where defeated by a team of super-heroes and Kruptmann was discovered. The super-heroes found the timeship and travelled to 1943, to stop the Nazis from using the 2146 weapon.

The super-heroes allied with the Invaders, stopped the plan and used the timeship to return to 1989. The 2146 timeship and the airborne weapon were destroyed.[1]


Appearances: All This and World War II; The Weird, Weird West; The Revenge of Kang

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