Professor Orson Kasloff was a brilliant scientist chemist, considered by some the foremost analytical chemist in the world, who felt that he didn't earn enough money for his scientific work and turned to crime. When his first attempt at a break-in failed because he hadn't considered burglar alarms, he decided to search out other criminals to partner up with. Failing to make contact with the underworld, he saw the Human Torch in action and decided to defeat the young hero in order to impress the underworld. He bought an old castle and built an armored suit made out of asbestos. He was defeated and turned over to the police by the Human Torch.[1]

Lacking villainous plans, he hoped to avenge himself from the Torch, but Storm died before he could.[2]

Fear Itself

He tried to start back his criminal career, as he was annoyed that with Johnny Storm's death, people would forget him.[2]

He tried to rob a fast food restaurant, now carrying around an air canister due to having survived cancer, but was annoyed to find the cashier was afraid of him because he was wearing asbestos and feared for her health.[2]

He ran into the Great Lakes Avengers who were on the run from a fear influenced mob themselves. They all assumed fighting stances surrounding Orson, but since Orson wasn't willing to fight and no one in the team was willing to even touch a man wearing an asbestos suit they all ended up staying that way for hours until they all gave up. Orson confided in them his fears of no one remembering him and being an awful super villain. Mr. Immortal was able to get him to surrender quietly with the promise that they would remember him as one of their villains (though they refused his toxic mask as a trophy). He was then removed by an ambulance and hazmat-suited staff.[2]

He was later stated by Johnny Storm to have died,[3] presumably from his condition.

Power Grid[5]
Energy Projection*12
Fighting Skills2
* Heightened stats when wearing armor


Due to his exposure to the carcinogenic asbestos, Kasloff contracted a cancer deeply affecting him.


Bulletproof Asbestos armor, shield, air-tank

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