Orville was the Head of Security and personal bodyguard to media mogul Scott Dakei and his daughter Georgia. While protecting Mr. Dakei's underground bunker in New Mexico, Orville and his security team came to blows with the mutant sponsored team X-Factor after Dakei's daughter sent out a news feed over her computer.[1]

With one of their teammates on the brink of death due to their confirmation that Georgia was a mutant, Quicksilver removed Mr. Dakei from the room with his super-speed but was soon confronted by Orville who had a gun loaded with tracer bullets pointed at Pietro. He told him once the tracer locks on it wouldn't matter how fast he could run. Suddenly the team's owner Harrison Snow showed up to have a chat with the girl's father as Orville and his men stood down. Orville was last seen as Georgia left with Snow and X-Factor to go back to Virginia.[2]


Weapons Expert


Tracer Gun

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