Orwell was a founder of the Brotherhood, along with Marvin Hoffman and Marshal. At some point, Marshal leave and join the government in order to take Hoffman down.

At a few occasions, Marshal had been successful, if Orwell hadn't asks him to let him go, planning himself to take him down later in order to prevent from the Brotherhood to fall down.[1]

As the Brotherhood and the Revolution were tearing apart with the fall of the cells in London, Tokyo, Bangkok, Rome, Brazil, and the siege state of the North American cell, and the actions and behavior of X, more and more on the edge of the megalomania, causing a rally in Pennsylvania to end-up in a murderous riot, Orwell eventually decided it was time to took his old friend down.

He convince him to let the pretending escaped Malon, Mikey Asher and Fagin, in reality released by Marshal and allied to him under an agreement, and also convince him to target Force and Doop during their parade after their return from Japan (where they had killed the whole Tokyo cell).[2]

Right before the final, hearing that the three traitors were about to warn X-Force, he sent Chela to verbally attack the heroes next the three young mutants. An instant later, a massive melee shattered the street as the two mutant teams assaulted each others.

Meanwhile, Hoffman, helped by Ms. Fingers, captured Marshal and on the way to kill his old friend, Orwell revealed himself as a traitor to X, crushing Fingers' head with a brick. A last argument, during which Marshal intended that Orwell had possibly trick them both into fighting each other, and Hoffman, facing his two former teammates, strikes a lightning on Marshal who evade it, and the energy blast hit Orwell.

As Orwell fell dead on the ground, Marshal thanked Hoffman for the miss-shot, saying he wouldn't had trusted the mute mutant anymore, as he had betrayed X so easily.[1]


  • Telepathy: Orwell was a mute and he uses telepathy to talk to others.
  • X-Factor Detection: He was able to psionically sense the presence and powers of other mutants, even latents.[3]

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