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Orwell Taylor was once a general in the United States Army. Orwell and his wife had two sons, Maxwell and Hugh. As an adult Hugh joined the army where he became friends with Samuel Caulkin and after he left the army he got a job working at the superhuman prison known as the Vault where he became close friends with Curtis Elkins. Hugh was smothered to death by Venom.[1][2]

Orwell, mad with grief, wanted to find a way to avenge the death of his son. Orwell gathered together several of his son Hugh's former army buddies and fellow guardsmen at the vault and outfitted them with armor based on the armor the Guardsman wore (which was based on designs stolen from Iron Man. Maxwell become Screech, Samuel Caulkin become Ramshot, and Curtis Elkins become Sentry. He named this group the Jury and made it their mission to bring Venom to justice.[3]

Orwell and the Jury failed in their first outing against Venom. Later they kidnapped and drugged Spider-Man and tricked him into helping them steal a government transporter ray that they planned to modify to kill Venom. Again they met with failure.[4]

Orwell and the Jury later began to get away from their original goals and began working with the Life Foundation. Orwell was eventually apprehended by the authorities for his illegal dealings with the Life Foundation.[5]

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