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Osaka is the capital of Osaka Prefecture on the island of Honshu, Japan.

Captain America was confronted by the Sub-Mariner in Osaka.[1]

Some time later, Professor X met Shiro Yoshida in his splendid garden, offering him a chance to join the X-Men. Yoshida accepted and became then known as Sunfire.[2]

During an extended conflict with the Yakuza, Wolverine, under his Patch identity, pretended to be dead and had his body delivered to Osaka. The Yakuza crime lord Dai Kumo insisted that the body be burried on his personal plot. While Logan was burried, Dai Kumo returned to his mansion, where the Thunderbolt drug was produced in a huge vat. His clan was celebrating their success when an unearthed Logan crashed the party, slaughtered most of the clan and destroyed the vat. He then discovered that Dai Kumo had been killed by Reiko.[3] When the police arrived at the crime scene, they spotted Lady Deathstrike snooping around the premises for evidence that Wolverine was still alive. She quickly murdered the policemen and hacked into their computer database in the squad car to find a clue to Logan's current location: Madripoor.[4]

Logan returned to Osaka on a mission with Jubilee to track down two mutant children who had been kidnapped by the Hand. In their investigation, the two X-Men ran into Yukio, who shared their objective. After interrogating a member of the Yakuza, who remembered Logan from his days as Patch, the trio found out that the children were being held in an aquarium before being trafficked off somewhere else. There, the two X-Men and Yukio battled several Hand ninjas and Lady Deathstrike. The heroes were overwhelmed and Deathstrike managed to get away with one of the mutant children and Jubilee as her hostage. The other child apparently knew where Deathstrike was headed, and instantly teleported Logan and herself to Shanghai. Only Yukio stayed back outside the aquarium, where she was stabbed in the back by an elder member of the Hand.[5]

Some time later, Daredevil was kidnapped and brought to Osaka by a group called the Chaste, who needed his help fighting the Hand. Together they fought a group of Hand ninjas at their fortress before heading back to New York to finish their confrontation.[6]

A bar in Osaka later became the staging ground for a fight between Ronin and a group of armed men in suits. Ronin then snuck into the Yashida fortress and witnessed the reveal of the Silver Samurai armor and a kiss between Silver Samurai and Madame Hydra. Soon fleeing a group of Hand ninjas, Ronin found safety with the New Avengers at the Star Enterprises HQ, but only until the ninjas caught up. It turned out that Silver Samurai had been freed from the Raft by Madame Hydra and the Hand, who transported him back to Japan. They wanted him to lead the Hand and to unite the criminal underworld, hoping he could take on shadowy figures controlling both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. that Madame Hydra was reluctant to name. Samurai wasn't interested in a conflict and helped the Avengers defeat them.[7]

Later on, Elektra would fight a Skrull doppelganger of herself in Osaka whom she killed. However, a number of other Skrulls managed to defeat her and another took her form and took her place in New York.[8]

Even later, the Stark Tower in Osaka was ransacked by Madame Masque during her journey looking for magical items to empower herself. Numerous Biohack Ninja from the Southeast Asia Crime Syndicate followed her trail.[9] When Tony Stark investigated, nothing was missing in the building's personal or business inventory. War Machine personally investigated the scene, and found little to no clues.[10]

When Tony went missing, Rhodey confronted Yukio at her illegal bar in Osaka, which was Tony's last known location. As a result a fight errupted in the bar, though it turned out that Rhodey and Tony had planned for Tony to be posing as "Mister Franco" in Yukio's bar to get close to her. Soon, however, "Mister Franco" was abducted by Zhang and delivered to Tomoe, who asked "Mister Franco" to kill James Rhodes. Soon, Tomoe's base of operations were attacked by the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., who managed to catch Zhang but couldn't get Tomoe.[11]


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