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Back in the days, George and Arthur Stacy saved Osborn Industries' founder Norman Osborn from the Proto-Goblin, who nevertheless managed to escape.[1]

When Osborn's security tried to confiscate his materials, researcher David Lowell ingested some of his photogenesis formula, he became Sundown and burst from the building, ranting and raving.[2]

Many years later, despite Spider-Man's intervention, the Osborn Industries factory was attacked by Prof. Stromm's robots, until he was shot by Norman Osborn himself.[3]

A short time later, Peter Parker came here to meet Norman Osborn and accept his offer for a job.[4]

Looking for Norman Osborn after his Green Goblin memories had returned, Peter came back the next day, but he was not here.[5]

Silver Sable lured Prowler to the Osborn chemical plant to test his skills against his brother.[6]

This factory became the corporate headquarters of Osborn Manufacturing.[7]

A short time later, Liz Osborn asked Mr. Menken to provide the personal files for each Multivex employee.[8]
She then contacted Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich and Foggy Nelson to meet them later at the Daily Bugle.[9]

The executives of Osborn Industries were later visited by Peter Parker, who confronted Norman Osborn, but then escaped as soon as the police arrived on the scene.[10]
A short time later, Osborn performed here the Gathering of Five ritual with Madame Web, Matt Franklin, Morris Maxwell and Override.[11]
Osborn turned insanely mad and was later found here clad in his Green Goblin costume by Spider-Man.[12]
A while later, the Osborn security was attacked by Shadrac.[13]

A short time later, the Osborn Chemical Manhattan plant was attacked by the Flaming Sword, but the terrorists were eventually defeated by the Avengers.[14]

Alternate Universe Versions

Image Description Issue
Osborn Laboratories (Earth-803).jpg On Earth-803, Osborn Laboratories is called the Stadium. Lady Spider was able to utilize the Stadium after getting permission from Harold and Norman Osborne after asking in her civilian identity. She and Spider-Man were repairing Leopardon when they were attacked by Norman, in his Green Goblin alias, and his fellow Six Men of Sinestry. They were defeated by the Spiders who used Doctor Octopus' technology to repair Leopardon and leave to Loomworld. Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 2) #8
Osborn Laboritories from Marvel Avengers Academy 001.jpg On Earth-TRN562, Oscorp Lab was the base of Osborn Private Science Institution. With the pretext of wanting to work with the Academy geniuses, Headmaster Norman Osborn decided to move the campus close to the Avengers Academy. His protégés Doctor Octopus, and the Lizard advised him not to do that, telling him doing that would potentially jeopardize their secret plan. Worried about Spider-Man possibly interfering with their plans again, they recreated Spider-Man's webs in this labs, and committed various crimes around New York using it, making it look like Spider-Man was the one committing the crimes. Marvel Avengers Academy


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