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Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Osborn"

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Synopsis for "Osborn"

Norman Osborn sits in his cell in The Raft, watching a spider weave its web. He admires the creature’s meticulousness and patience as it does its work.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker swings by the offices of Front Line to take his girlfriend, Norah Winters, out for lunch. As they dine on noodles, Norah tells Peter that Ben Urich wants her to do a follow-up story on Osborn now that he’s incarcerated. However, she’s having self-doubt after she let Osborn get under her skin the last time she did a story on him while he was still leading H.A.M.M.E.R. Peter tells her there’s nothing she could have done differently that would have stopped Osborn, but that she should trust herself and do the article Urich has asked for.

In Washington, D.C., Senators Muffoletto, Morrison, and Kohut take a classified meeting with a military officer about the fate of Norman Osborn. Osborn has yet to be charged with a crime, and there is growing concern within the government that the delay could lead to him walking free due to a human rights violation. The group fails to come up with an airtight way to keep him at The Raft, and instead decide to transfer him to a private, secret facility.

A priest, Father Coulmier, is buzzed into a highly secure ward within the Special Containment Center. The guard warns Coulmier against ministering to the inmates in this section of the prison. Steadfast in his faith, Coulmier enters a circular room surrounded on all sides by five cells, each housing one of the most dangerous prisoners in the facility: the demonically-possessed Pryor Cashman, a.k.a. Kingmaker; South American deity Ai Apaec; genetically-enhanced serial killer and biologist, Dr. June Covington, a.k.a. Toxic Doxie; the invisible Carl Rives, whose cell appears empty; and the reptilian alien Xirdal. Father Coulmier tells the group that Carl Rives will not be returning to them.

Sometime later, Senators Muffoletto and Morrison visit Norman Osborn at The Raft. Osborn deduces by their presence that he is being transferred “someplace unsavory”. Outside, Senator Morrison makes a phone call to tell Father Coulmier that the transfer is taking place. Coulmier confirms there’s a cell waiting for him. The priest removes his robe, revealing a tattoo of the Green Goblin on the back of his neck. He smiles to himself in the mirror.

Norah Winters barges into a Front Line budget meeting and tells Ben Urich she heard from multiple sources that Norman Osborn has disappeared. Urich calls the police commissioner’s office to demand a response as, at an undisclosed location, Osborn settles into his new cell at the Special Containment Center.

Appearing in "The Prime of Miss June Covington"

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  • Edward Wynne (Death)

Synopsis for "The Prime of Miss June Covington"

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Solicit Synopsis

BIG TIME HITS SPIDER-MAN'S GREATEST ENEMY! The world's most dangerous felon is in the world's top supermax-security prison -- an institution so secret even the vice president doesn't know it exists. But can any cell contain Norman Osborn? After the events of SIEGE, the former Green Goblin, Iron Patriot and power-mad director of worldwide security isn't allowed to have a toothbrush...and he's surrounded by the deadliest criminals in the world. Lucky for Osborn, they're fans. Rising stars Kelly Sue DeConnick (SIF) and Emma Rios (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) throw Osborn in the darkest hole the public's never seen! Featuring an all-new bonus story written by Warren Ellis (THUNDERBOLTS)!

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