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Quote1 Striking when the opportunity presents itself does not belie a lack of character. It demonstrates a good deal of sense. It fills his belly and that of his pup. The hyena isn't a villain; he's as noble a beast as any. A wise general only fights a war he can win. Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Osborn (Part 2 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Osborn (Part 2 of 5)"

In a session with Father Coulmier, Norman Osborn laments that he has been cast as a villain, defending actions deemed “opportunistic” by others as simply those of a man with “sense”. Coulmier asks the guard to leave the room so that he can take Osborn’s confession privately. When they are alone, he tells Osborn that there are security cameras but no microphones in the room. The men mime a confessional as Coulmier tells Osborn that he is not really a priest, but in fact a member of a group that believes in Osborn’s vision for “a better world”. Coulmier says his group wants to break Osborn out of the facility, but Osborn insists that he intends to force the government to release him of their own accord. Coulmier says there is no release from this facility. Just then, an alarm starts blaring and guards in riot gear burst into the room and throw Coulmier and Osborn to the floor. Coulmier tells Osborn his group’s plan has begun.

As the alarm rings and red lights flash, the guard in Osborn’s block of the facility is shouted down by the other four inmates. He begins to panic and wanders close enough to the cells for Ai Apaec to grab him through the bars. June Covington tells the guard to radio a request to open her cell. He does so but the guard on the other end refuses. This enrages Ai Apaec, who sinks his teeth into the guard and kills him.

On the other side of the facility, Osborn stands against the orders of a riot guard, who levels his sidearm at Norman. Osborn uses his enhanced speed and strength to take the weapon and murders the guard. He returns with the priest to his cell block and strikes a deal with the other prisoners there - they do what he says in exchange for their freedom, or he’ll kill them. Father Coulmier opens the cell doors and they leave the ward.

When they come across the body of a guard, the alien Xirdal screeches in anger. Pryor Cashman translates that the creature won’t join up with a murderer. Osborn lets the alien go her own way and watches as she opens a hatch down a restricted hallway. Osborn closes a door behind her. The outer door opens and water rushes in. Osborn watches as Xirdal drowns.

Meanwhile, at the Front Line offices, Norah Winters opens a suspicious envelope brought to her by Sarah Saulsby. Inside is a slip of paper with an emblem of the Green Goblin and a message: “Pier 84. Midnight.” Sometime later, Ben Urich tries to find Norah to have her confirm a lead that Senator Sondra Muffoletto is involved in Osborn’s disappearance. He tells a passing Sarah to track Norah down. Sarah searches through Norah’s empty, cluttered cubicle for clues on her colleague’s whereabouts.

At midnight, Norah meets a mysterious man at Pier 84 and watches in amazement as a submarine surfaces, their ride to an unknown destination.

Solicit Synopsis

SPIDER-MAN: BIG TIME! Peter Parker and Norah Winters dig into the truth behind Norman Osborn’s imprisonment...while Osborn fights to get out! Is the world safe with Norman Osborn in a top-secret supermax institution? Or has he just met the allies who’ll make him deadlier than ever?


  • On the cover, the girl in the cell to Osborn's left is Samara from The Ring series.

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