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Quote1.png I have been delivered here -- for you and for our brethren on the outside -- to burn this hellhole to the ground! Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Osborn (Part 4 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Osborn (Part 4 of 5)"

Norah Winters is in trouble. Captured by the spider-god Ai Apaec, at the mercy of Norman Osborn and his demented followers, Norah asks a God she may or may not believe in for help. Osborn demands Norah be given a pen and a pad and gives a speech to the prisoners of the Special Containment Center. He tells them that he is one of them; that power was snatched from him right as he was about to conquer his enemies; that he was made to suffer so that he could dismantle the system that locked them all away.

After rallying the inmates, Osborn takes Norah back up to the observation room, along with June Covington and Father Coulmier. He asks Norah how she got to the facility. She tells him she was brought by a man who then literally vanished. Osborn deduces that whoever arranged Norah’s visit wants the world to know the facility exists, but not that they are connected with it. Norah discounts this theory, telling Norman her “escort” had a card with the Green Goblin symbol that she received just after looking into the last person to visit Osborn at The Raft - Senator Sondra Muffoletto. Norman reveals that Muffoletto wasn’t his only visitor and realizes that he has been used as a pawn to set Muffoletto up.

Osborn demands Father Coulmier give him the code to operate the phone. He calls Senator Muffoletto to negotiate his release. He confirms that he has Norah Winters in his custody, and suspects that Muffoletto is being set up by a rival in the Senate. Osborn says he can make the scandal go away in exchange for a transfer back to The Raft and a legitimate trial. He tells the senator that he can have Norah’s memory altered so she forgets the last two days, and will make it look like Osborn’s recent absence was simply a glitch in the computer system.

Muffoletto tells Osborn the facility has an escape pod and describes how to operate it. As the senator gets on the phone with The Pentagon, Osborn grows skeptical that she is just going to let him walk away. Osborn asks Coulmier what his group’s end game is, and the “priest” reveals that they see Osborn as the Antichrist, so their core desire is for Osborn to rise to power. Osborn tells Coulmier he’s about to test the priest’s faith.

Osborn gathers the rest of his cohorts (and Norah) while Coulmier is elsewhere. They locate the escape pod but realize they need a code to open it. Suddenly, Carl Rives materializes next to Norah, who shouts that he’s the man who brought her to the facility. Rives offers to aid their escape and phases into the pod to open it from the inside. They all clamber into the pod and launch.

Elsewhere in the facility, Coulmier recites a prayer as he sets a lit candle down next to a pressure valve. He then turns a wheel to increase the pressure to critical. As members of the military prepare to destroy the escape pod on Senator Muffoletto’s orders, the Special Containment Center explodes.

Solicit Synopsis

BIG TIME continues for the biggest criminal in the Marvel Universe. Norman Osborn’s got himself a prison army! The former Green Goblin’s enemies and allies, both outside the top-secret supermax prison and inside, want to play him like a fiddle and serve their own ends. As everyone around Osborn scrambles to salvage their ultimate goal, Norman opts to take matters into his own hands...with the help of his fellow super villains!

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