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Sondra Muffoletto (Earth-616) from Osborn Vol 1 3 0001
Sondra Muffoletto
Quote1 Such a waste. A mind like yours, Norman Osborn...You could have saved the world. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 2 18 Textless
Norman Osborn
Quote1 I may yet, Senator. I'm not through...As long as I draw breath, I shall never be through. Quote2

Appearing in "Osborn (Part 5 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Osborn (Part 5 of 5)"

The spider legs of Ai Apaec burst through the walls of the escape pod carrying Norman Osborn and his allies - and their captive, reporter Norah Winters - away from the remains of the Special Containment Center. Ai Apaec envelops the pod in a web cocoon and drags the vessel to the ocean’s surface. Osborn opens the hatch and smells freedom.

Three weeks later, Norah testifies at a Senate hearing investigating Osborn’s disappearance. Norah demands the chairman, Senator Bill Morrison, explain the U.S. government’s role in renditioning criminals, but Morrison does not answer. Instead, he asks Norah to corroborate her claim from a recent article that Osborn was being held in a secret prison. Norah says her memories of the prison’s location are hazy, which Morrison jumps on in an effort to discredit her. Norah insists that in her belief, Norman Osborn is now roaming free.

Senator Sondra Muffoletto, also on the witness list, interrupts. She admits to arranging Osborn’s transfer to a private detention facility, and that he subsequently escaped custody. She further admits that this decision was a step too far, and calls the integrity of the Senate panel into question, given her knowledge that some of her colleagues attempted to lay the full responsibility for the situation at her feet.

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn accesses a safety deposit box at a bank in Manhattan. He then meets June Covington at a bar and, as they drink, calls the police to turn himself in.

Sometime later, Norah walks into Ben Urich’s office at the Daily Bugle and quits. Urich refuses to allow it and tells her to get to work on her next story idea, when Sarah Saulsby interrupts and tells them Osborn turned himself in. The news of Osborn’s re-arrest spreads to Washington, D.C. - Senator Morrison does not take it well.

Osborn faces a crowd of reporters on the steps of the federal courthouse in New York City after his arraignment. Norah shouts her rivals down and demands to know what Osborn did to alter her memories. Osborn simply taunts her before he is dragged away in handcuffs. Osborn’s compatriots remain free: Ai Apaec is in an unnamed jungle; Carl Rives joins up with a carnival; June Covington lands a job at a lab; Pryor Cashman is on a beach, entertaining children.

Senator Muffoletto visits Osborn in his cell back at The Raft. She asks him why he blew up the prison; Osborn tells her he gave the inmates justice. Disgusted, Muffoletto leaves. On her way out, she passes Osborn’s new psychiatrist - Dr. June Covington.

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