Not much is known about the man calling himself the Osprey. He saw the advertisement placed by the Wizard, wanting a fourth member for his Frightful Four. The Osprey designed an outfit (with large, non-operative, Angel-like wings) and applied alongside the other (considerably more eligible) villains. The rest of the Frightful Four took him seriously until they found out he had no super powers and even asked if they can help him gain superpowers. The Wizard was ticked off and attached one of his anti-gravity disks to the Osprey's back. This sent Osprey flying into the South Bronx as Wizard stated to the captive Fantastic Four that the anti-gravity disk would set him down there. Afterward, Wizard spoke on the intercom telling the other characters auditioning to join the Frightful Four that those with no superpowers didn't need to apply… or else.[1] Osprey hasn't been seen or heard of since.

In other Media

In the Player's Book of the Advanced version of the original Marvel Super Heroes role-playing game, Kincaid is used as a character generation model, complete with a background story in which he successfully managed to gain control of the antigravity disc the Wizard put on him. As a result, he has gained tech-based flying ability and decided to become a hero.[2]



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  2. Advanced Marvel Super Heroes: Players Book; pg. 12-13

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