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Formerly Norman Osborn

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Chemical company created by Norman Osborn

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New York City


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Oscorp is a multinational corporation based in New York. It was created and ran by its CEO, Norman Osborn.[1]

Norman contacted Dr. Otto Octavius to capture Spider-Man and told his plan to create super soldiers from his DNA. Octavius hired the Frightful Four to do the job. Later that day Octavius got a message from Wizard that they found the vigilante. The next day when the Frightful Four were defeated, Norman chided Octavius, which the latter promised not to fail him again.[2]

Doctor Octopus later sends out a Octobot to acquire a sample of Spider-Man, the tiny Octobot came back with it and he created a Venom (Symbiote) out of the sample. Norman ordered him to make of it in one day. Later, when Norman came back from his home, the vicinity was destroyed by Venom who escaped and searched for Spider-Man. After Venom was supposedly destroyed, Norman congratulated Octavius for the success and ordered him to make a advanced prototype of it.[3]

Doctor Octopus hired Taskmaster to capture Spider-Man. After Taskmaster returned from a failed mission, Octavius went into a rage and destroyed his facility, while Taskmaster decided to take revenge on Spider-Man.[4]



The suit was specially designed for Octavius to keep him alive after the fatal accident.[3]

Venom (Symbiote)

Venom was created by isolating the deadliest aspects of Spider-Man's DNA. Octavius made some improvements on it, but the creature escaped along destroying the vicinity.[1]


This is still an idea of Norman to create an army of super enhanced soldiers infused with the DNA of Spider-Man, to sell to a high bidding market.This idea was further improved when Octavius acquired Spider-Man's DNA.[3]


Equipment: Doctor Octopus' Tentacles, Octobot
Transportation: Goblin Glider
Weapons: Pumpkin Bombs

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