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Oscorp was the main headquarter of Oscorp until Liz Allan took over the building as the hub of Alchemax.

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel's Spider-Man (video game) (Earth-1048)[]

Oscorp Industries from Marvel's Spider-Man 0002

In Earth-1048, the Oscorp Tower was badly damaged due to a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus.

Serval Industries Annihilated Alchemax (Earth-15320)[]

Alchemax (Earth-Unknown) from All-New X-Factor Vol 1 20 001

In Earth-15320, Alchemax Tower was attacked by superheroes working for Serval Industries.[3]

Alternate Clone Saga (Earth-91101)[]

Oscorp Tower from Spider-Man The Clone Saga Vol 1 6 001

In Earth-91101, Green Goblin used Oscorp Tower as his base of operations while orchestrating the Clone Saga.[4]

Spider-Man (1994 animated series) (Earth-92131)[]

Oscorp Towers from Spider-Man (1994 animated series) Season 3 8

In Earth-92131, Norman Osborn held a press event at Oscorp Towers to announce a defense conversion project, one of a dozen that Oscorp was to embark on, intending to impress the company's stockbrokers. It was during this event that Norman's son Harry and Mary Jane Watson announced their engagement, but the gathering was interrupted when Alistair Smythe attacked the venue and attempted to kidnap Norman.[5]

Spider-Man (2002 film) (Earth-96283)[]

Oscorp Tower from Spider-Man (2002 film) 001

In Earth-96283, Oscorp was headquartered in Tower Fifty Seven at Lexington Avenue and 57th Street. It was here that founder Norman Osborn convened Oscorp's board of directors to announce the company's recent successes. However, the board had earlier accepted a lucrative offer from competitor Quest Aerospace to purchase the company, informing Norman that this was conditional on his removal. Enraged and distraught at the board's unanimous approval to oust him, Norman secretly plotted revenge.[6]

Amazing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Earth-TRN579)[]

Oscorp Tower from Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions 001

In Earth-TRN579, a still-in-construction Oscorp Tower was destroyed in a battle between Spider-Man and Juggernaut.[7]

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (Earth-TRN664)[]

Oscorp Tower from Deadpool Kill the Marvel Universe Vol 1 2 001

In Earth-TRN664, a brainwashed Deadpool killed Spider-Man within Alchemax Tower in front of numerous Alchemax scientists.[8]

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