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Oshtur is one of the Elder Gods of Earth, the first lifeforms spawned on the planet by its sentient biosphere, the Demiurge.

Early years[]

Exploring the universe[]

Oshtur had a fascination with the realms beyond Earth, unlike her siblings.[citation needed]

According to legends, after witnessing children play, Oshtur was moved and gave birth to Agamotto. She instructed Agamotto then left him to undertake the paths of magic.[6] Agamotto was in fact sired before Oshtur left Earth.[7]

She took to the heavens tens of thousands of years before the conflict among the Elder Gods and their degeneration into malevolent demons.[8] Another account states she left in the days before the Elder Gods were expelled.[7]

It is unknown for how long Oshtur left Earth, but it is presumed to be millions of years.[citation needed]

While exploring the universe, she met a companion in Hoggoth, and they eventually departed the traditional universe for a mystic dimension, where the two resided.[8] Upon Agamotto's passing, Oshtur formed the Vishanti with him and Hoggoth.[7]

Oshtur was also responsible for creating the Tome of Oshtur and the Book of the Vishanti.[citation needed]

Age of Acheron and Hyborian Age[]

Oshtur created the Bird-Men, a race of winged humanoids, to fight against the bestial races spawned by Set and Chthon.[9] For eons they lived in Akah Ma'at city floated high above Cimmeria, enshrouded by clouds.[10] The floating city dedicated to Oshtur, in her guise as Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth.[11]

Modern days[]

Ian McNee has a vision of Oshtur in which he is assigned to find the Four Cornerstones of Creation.[1] He later learned that this was a deception by Chthon, and the real Oshtur intercedes.[4]


Oshtur herself was known to be very kind and noble, as demonstrated as her Egyptian alias, Ma'at, who was the Goddess of truth, law, order, and justice.[12]

Oshtur appeared to have strong favor for the bloodline of Ororo Munroe. For some unknown reason, since the dawn of Atlantis, this line of African women was given distinguishing features of white hair, blue eyes, and powerful magic potential.[citation needed]



  • As one of the eternal mystical Vishanti and an Elder Goddess of Earth, Oshtur holds vast magical power in both the Earth realm and the astral planes. She is an immortal being, capable of traveling through space and between dimensions. She is responsible for creating entire races of beings, and originated the study and cultivation of magic as an art on Earth. She possesses sufficient mystical power to lend it out to other users through invocations of her name, often referenced as the "Omnipotent Oshtur". Oshtur derives power from the worship of others and spreading of her name in this manner, which causes many to see her as a deity.[citation needed]
  • Oshtur is associated with the element of air, intellect, and reason. Besides this, she is not commonly associated with any particular spell or concept, such as the Hosts of Hoggoth, or the All-Seeing nature of Agamotto. Oshtur is most frequently invoked for spells of strength, providing some of "Omnipotent Oshtur's" power to make an existing spell even more powerful,[13] or strengthen the magician casting it.[14] There are countless examples of Doctor Strange casting all manner of spells in the name of the Vishanti (collectively) or specifically citing Oshtur in a spell among other names, probably so that Oshtur's power would generally boost the unique spell of the others. Spells cast solely in Oshtur's name include:


If ever Oshtur was to return to Earth permanently, it is likely the Demogorge would compulsively seek to target her, though her benevolence, magical skill, affiliation with Gaea, and Atum's current demise would limit her chances of harm.[citation needed]



Though last in Dr. Strange's possession, Oshtur is at least partially responsible for the creation of such mystic items as the Book of the Vishanti and the Tome of Oshtur, as well as the Sword of Bone, holding magic so strong it even harmed the Hulk once.[citation needed]


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