Sapper is a Rajak. When Ultimo wiped out the Rajaks that were on the planet Rajak, Sapper is among the Rajaks that were off-world at the time that hunted down Ultimo.[2]

He arrives on Earth with Golden-Blade to crash the festivities on board the USS Constitution. They ran afoul of Ms. Marvel who repelled them.[3] Iron Man hears about Ms. Marvel's fight with Sapper and Golden Blade. He arrives to help Ms. Marvel where a miscalculation resulted in Sapper exploding.[4]

The S.S. Joseph C. Gillis comes under attack by Sapper and Golden Blade. Iron Man manages to defeat them. Though Sapper's energy-stealing plot begins to awaken Ultimo.[5] When Ultimo awakens and begins to destroy the S.S. Joseph C. Gillis, Sapper and Golden-Blade assist the crew in making it to the lifeboats. Iron Man traces Ultimo's origin to Sapper and learned that Sapper was reviving the Rajaks in mechanoid form. When Ultimo reads Sapper's mind, he heads off to attack Sapper's hidden ship as Iron Man discovers that Ultimo's path goes through Spokane.[2] As Ultimo makes his way towards Sapper's hidden ship, Iron Man works with Sapper and Golden-Blade to fight Ultimo. With help from some codes and S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man defeats Ultimo as Sapper and Golden-Blade leave Earth in their ship.[6]

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