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The being known only as the Other is an extra-dimensional being that manifests in our reality as a race of diminutive grey-skinned humanoids. Although they appear as an entire species, they are in fact just projections of the same mind and have no real existence independent of it. For countless millennia, it has been engaged in a war with the cosmic being known as the Scrier for control of the multiverse.[1]

In 1947, the Other visited the planet Zenn-La, and destroyed every living being and structure on the planet, killing Shalla-Bal alongside countless others. Their presence was enough to render Galactus and the Silver Surfer comatose and unable to interfere.[2]

Several years later, the Other would abduct several humans from Earth, including comics writer Stan Lee and widow Henrietta Rose. Finding Lee unsuitable for their purposes, they soon returned him to his office with his memory erased, but subjected Rose to various painful experiments. She would be rescued by the Silver Surfer, despite the Other's attempts to destroy him.[3]

In the modern age, the Other would once again return to Earth, tormenting Henrietta Rose and her daughter. The Silver Surfer once again confronted it, driving its influence from Rose's mind, but was overwhelmed by swarms of the Other's creatures when he attempted to pursue it back to its own dimension. The Other infected him, attempting to erase him from the memories of every being in existence. In attempting to cure him, Agatha Harkness briefly made mental contact with the Other and was almost destroyed herself.[4]

Eventually, working alongside Scrier, the Silver Surfer was able to barricade shut the portal between dimensions, trapping the Other within.[5]

When Asgard was displaced to Earth, this disrupted the barricade sufficiently that the Other was once again able to manifest beyond its own dimension. Scrier attempted to manipulate Thor into sacrificing himself to placate the Other, but the agreement was interrupted by Galactus, who threatened to attack both players in this ancient conflict. Fearing the destruction that would ensure from such a conflict, the Other agreed to a half-billion year truce with Scrier.[1]

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