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Quote1.png But if I really thought about it... blowing up my homeworld... I'd go mad with guilt. And if I thought about what someone smarter than me could do with this stone... I'd go mad with fear. So... I try not to think... It's easy enough--I was never good at thinking--and it's safer too. With the power I have... It's better to be stupid than mad. Quote2.png
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Otherone was one of the two artifically gestated sons of Regalia, the queen of Noblor, a land that occupied half of the far-off planet Muscula. He was conceived as a spare since Regalia didn't want to take her chances. Although both babies were infused with hero magic, only one displayed the heroic constitution glorified by the Musculans. The "perfect" baby was named Majestar and was personally raised by Queen Regalia to become the hero of her kingdom. The other baby was particularly drab, resulting in such neglect that his name, Otherone, came from his mother only referring to him as "the other one."

Unintelligent and unattractive, Prince Otherone lived an uneventful life toilering in mediocrity and dissatisfied at his life's course. At age twenty-one, Otherone had become an apprentice paper clip sorter while Majestar had grown into the hero he was born to be, locked in an eternal conflict against the land that comprised Muscula's other half, Evillius, and its ruler Rapskullion. One day when Majestar visited the wizard Answeros, the elder explained the delicate balance brought to the planet by the coexistence of Noblor and Evillius, as well as the vital importance to keep oneself balanced, not choosing muscle over mind. Majestar had accidentally butt-dialed his brother before the encounter, so Otherone eavesdropped the conversation. Rejecting the idea of Noblor's balance and expressing his desire to destroy Evillius if he had Majestar's power, the Power Stone manifested inside Otherone's jelly bean snack bowl and he ate it. The gem imbued Otherone with its power and transformed his body, reaching his maximum physical potential but diminishing his already low intelligence.

Otherone's original form

Dubbing himself the Prince of Power, Otherone boasted his new self across the land performing feats of strength. Worrying for the source of his brother's power, Majestar took him to Answeros. The wizard attempted to foster Otherone to learn since the Power Stone was regulated by the user's mental prowess. Rejecting this idea of balance, the prince found instead that he could forge a direct link with the Power Stone by clearing his mind and thinking of nothing at all. With his full power set unlocked, Otherone convinced Majestar to take the fight to Rapskullion once and for all in an unprecented attack on the villain's territory. The Prince of Power wielded his brother's Sword of Strength and boosted it with the Power Stone, unwittingly destroying the entirety of Evillius down to the core, and the chain reaction destroyed the other half of the planet as well. Otherone became the only survivor, holding his breath for several days. When the mercenary Blackjack O'Hare arrived at the ruins of Muscula to salvage from the ruined world, he found Otherone and brought him into his enterprise Black Bunny Solutions,[3] and the Prince came to see O'Hara as his mentor.[2] Tormented by the destruction he caused, Otherone came to use his propensity for living in the moment without thinking as a coping mechanism, knowing that if he dwelled on Muscula's obliteration he would drive himself mad and pose an even greater threat.[3]

The Prince of Power and Blackjack joined the West Spiral Arm Guardians when they acted as middlemen for a mercenary gig for Castor Gnawbarque III to kill Rocket Raccoon and stop the sabotaging of an energy-converting machine named the D-Type Converter at the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[2] The Prince's recklessness cost his team their mission when Hercules used his momentum against him to lunge him into a component of the D-Type Converter vital for its functioning, which resulted in the device's destruction.[4]

As part of Gamora's Guardians

When both teams of Guardians joined forces to fight the Olympians on Daedalus 5, the Prince of Power was pounded into the ground in the first ten seconds of battle. Having dug up every detail about the Prince's origins, Rocket made him channel the power of the Power Stone into the charred remains of Groot to bring him back to life. In the aftermath of the Olympians' defeat, both Guardians teams combined into one and even expanded their ranks, but Otherone was not part of it.[1]

As he was running away from a group of henchmen working for Cordyceps Jones who wanted to take an emerald that he was safeguarding, the Prince of Power stumbled into Hercules at a bar. They worked together to fend of the villains while Otherone relayed his origin story to Hercules. Warming up to the young prince and empathizing with his accidental destruction of his homeworld, Hercules offered Otherone to join his side and help him train to use his powers more responsibly.[3]


Even before obtaining the Power Stone, Otherone favored action over thought. Following his transformation, he became confident, boisterious, exuberant and prided himself over his body.[3] A glorifier of physical prowess over matters of the mind, Otherone rejoices in his frivolousness, once openly admitting that he does not "even think once," although it makes him reckless in battle and prone to be outsmarted,[4] or cause unintended collateral damage.[3] Despite his flaws, Otherone fancies himself a hero and genuinely wishes to vanquish evil.[4] After accidentally causing the destruction of Muscula, Otherone has expressed self-awareness over his shortcomings. Having realized that he could drive himself mad with guilt if he dwelled in the tragedy, Otherone uses his frivolousness as a coping mechanism to stay sane.[3]



Power Stone Empowerment: As a result of swallowing the Power Stone, Otherone is a wellspring of power.[1] This manifests in his enhanced musculature, which provides him super-strength, agility and durability.[4]

  • Power Push: As dubbed by Otherone, is his ability to infuse whatever he touches with his wellspring of power, giving his target a temporary power boost.[3]


  • When pressed to explain his origin, Otherone claimed his powers were gifted to him by a wizard.[4]
  • Otherone can hold his breath for 10 minutes. However, the Musculans measure of a minute lasts several standard days.[3]

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