Otherworld is the subconscious of the British Isles[2] (other accounts states that only its geography is, in part, shaped by the collective British subconscious), a small otherdimensional planetary body,[3] the home of all magic,[2] and a "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth.[4][5]

Otherworld is the current location of the Court of Camelot ruled by King Arthur. Other points of interest include the Isle of Avalon, the Green Chapel (home of the Green Knight, which also exists simultaneously on Earth) and the Starlight Citadel, headquarters of the Omniversal guardian Roma until her apparent death, and, formerly, her father Merlyn. The Captain Britain Corps are also headquartered in Otherworld. The other island is known as Tír na nÓg.

The Proud Walker, who knows the old paths between the worlds, needed to go across the small town of Stanleigh, England, to reach Otherworld.[6][7]


5th and 6th Centuries

Around the 5th to 6th centuries were allegedly the last visitors to come to Otherworld. The realm would be (still allegedly) unvisited by strangers for about 1500 years, in the modern era.[8]

Chaos War

Upperworld was one of the many realms of the gods attacked by Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi) during his Chaos War.[9]

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Elves (formerly including Jackdaw and Moondog), Vortigen and the Proud Walkers, King Arthur and the Court of Camelot, Captain Britain Corps, the Green Knight

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