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Otherworld from X of Swords Creation Vol 1 1

Otherworld, connected to Earth through Avalon and to Amenth through Dryador.

Otherworld is a "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth.[3][4] It serves as a nexus both to other dimensions within Universe-616 and other realities in the multiverse.[5] Otherworld’s denizens are responsible for guarding the intersection between all realities.[6] Despite some periods of strife, the Celtic powers of Otherworld are cosmologically closely aligned with those of Asgard.[7]

Geography and Politics[]

Starlight Citadel from Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men Dark Ages) Vol 1 1 001

The Starlight Citadel

As a Nexus between realities, several different provinces co-existed on Otherworld, from the flat-shaped Avalon,[5] which is shaped by the collective subconscious of the British Isles,[7] to the spherical Dryador.[8] The Kingdom of Sevalith was cast in perpetual darkness,[9] the Floating Kingdom of Roma Regina was upside-down[2] and Infuri, the Everforge had a star at its center.[10] Most provinces started as a group of refugees from their home realities being granted autonomy and attracting followers.[9] As of the Modern Age, some Kingdoms have existed for hundreds of years while others are brand new, as Conquest and even complete annihilation of Kingdoms were not uncommon.

At the center of Otherworld is the Starlight Citadel, the headquarters of the Omniversal Guardian that serves as a meeting place and administrative nexus for all realities.[11] In the past, the Citadel has been host to the Captain Britain Corps.[11] Doorways to other universes are located in the Citadel’s Tower Omniverse,[6] as well as in Otherworld’s woodlands under the guard of Oberon.[12]

Most recently, Otherworld has been divided into vassal-states, known as Kingdoms. The Fair Courts include the Floating Kingdom of Roma Regina, Infuri, the Everforge, Avalon, Sevalith, and Mercator; the Foul Courts comprehend the Holy Republic of Fae, Hothive, Dryador, Blightspoke, and the Crooked Market. All kingdoms are subordinate to the Omniversal Guardian at the Starlight Citadel.[13]


Stonehenge from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 639 001

Portal to Otherworld from Stonehenge

In places of power, permanent portals provide access between Earth and Otherworld's Avalon Kingdom,[5] including the ring of standing stones in the Cheviot HillsDarkmoor,[14] Stonehenge,[7] the Tower of London, Avebury, the Buckingham Palace, Hadrian's Wall, Cragside in Northumberland, Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, Cavern Club in Liverpool, Karl Marx grave at Highgate Cemetery, Alan Moore's greenhouse in Northampton,[15] the Long Man of Wilmington, Glastonbury Tor,[16] St. James Park,[17] as well as various hidden sidhe (fairy mounds) situated throughout the British Isles.[3]

Routes created by the Twelve Walkers, men of power who perceived the magical Ley lines connecting the two dimensions also lead to Otherworld.[5][18] A small island nearby the village of Stanleigh, England, conceals the Gates of Otherworld, which can only be opened using Captain Britain’s Star Sceptre.[19] The Captain Britain Corpsmen are able to flow freely between Otherworld and their native reality at will.[20][21] The native faeries also have the ability to cross over back and forth between the two realms.[22][12]

Most recently, a gateway has been established between the mutant island-nation of Krakoa and Avalon, though it is only functional when empowered by ancient mutant bones.[23][24] A second larger gateway between Krakoa and Otherworld, known as the External Gate, opens beneath the Starlight Citadel.[25]



Otherworld's origins are shrouded in mystery.[26] It is said that Gaea created Avalon as her own dimension realm. Avalon was in many ways a reflection of the Earth during the golden age of the goddess when the forests were tended by her druids, the skies were aflutter with her faeries and the earth was green and full of magic.[27] It has been described as a place of ancient towers and tranquil medieval splendor;[28] however, non-native visitors report that is appearance changes over time.[29] Avalon's geography is shaped, in part, by the collective subconscious of the British Isles.[7]
Tuatha de Danaan from Thor & Hercules Encyclopaedia Mythologica Vol 1 1 001

The Tuatha de Danaan

The rival Tuatha and Fomorian pantheons are widely believed to be Otherworld's earliest inhabitants,[5] both descended from Gaea.[3][4] They repeatedly clashed, driving the Fomorians into the Dark Realm; around 2300 BC, the Fomorians mostly relocated to Earth. The conflict renewed when the Tuatha also went to Earth around 1896 BC.[5]

1st Century[]

At least two millennia ago,[5] the extradimensional mage Necrom discovered and sought to harness Otherworld's energy field created by the dimensional interfaces connecting the multiverse's realities. Necrom and his apprentices Feron and Merlyn went to Earth-616, where Necrom had Feron summon the celestial Phoenix Force avatar, which projected an ancient tower at the nexus site through the multiverse to anchor the matrix energies. Realizing Necrom intended to usurp this godlike power, Feron battled him while Merlyn leapt into the energy matrix and was swept across the multiverse. Merlyn eventually gained control of the matrix energies and established the flying Starlight Citadel near the tower's Otherworld counterpart, from which he oversaw the Omniverse and later founded a Corps of costumed Omniversal peacekeeping agents.[30]

4th Century[]

By 350 AD, the Tuatha had driven the Fomorians back to Otherworld, but soon after the Tuatha voluntarily relinquished their Earthly holdings as part of a deal brokered with the druid Amergin Glúingel to bring peace between their Celt worshippers and Amergin's Milesians.[31][5]

Vortigen (Otherworld) from Hulk Comic (UK) Vol 1 6 001

King Vortigen, one of the Proud Walkers

5th Century[]

The Tuatha de Danaan interacted with the Celts of the British Isles and France for centuries, mentoring many of the Walkers, who, from as early as the 5th century AD, forged new paths between Earth and Otherworld, and subsequently lived in Avalon; over time six of the 12 Walkers were corrupted by Otherworld's Nethergods, but the other six, the Proud Walkers, remained forces for good.[32][5] Worship of the Tuatha de Danaan in the Earth realm was largely supplanted by the spread of Catholicism.[3] People became mistrustful of the old way and creatures of Otherworld were shunned and scorned. The old paths were discarded, and a rift appeared between the two worlds.[18] Around the 5th century were allegedly the last visitors to come to Otherworld.[33]

6th Century[]

Merlyn oversaw the rise of King Arthur's Camelot; though this also saw Catholicism spread. Merlyn's acceptance of the new religion led to a clash between him and his apprentice, Morgan Le Fey, during which she burned down over 1000 acres of Avalon's most sacred tree groves.[34] Perhaps as penance, Morgan helped the Green Man, primordial Earth spirit of life and rebirth, merge with mortal nobleman Bercilak de Hautdesert to become the Green Knight; based from Avalon's Green Chapel, he empowered many of Camelot's knights with spirits (later known as Pendragons in honor of King Arthur).[5]

After Arthur's death, the Lady of the Lake, Niamh, brought his body to Avalon to be entombed, awaiting his rebirth. In Otherworld, a new Camelot was constructed hanging over the edge of the abyss leading down into the Netherworld, guarding the path into Avalon and held up only by a stone bridge.[5]

Evil Eye from Fantastic Four Vol 1 54 001

The Evil Eye, forged by the alchemists of Avalon

12th Century[]

In the 12th century AD, the Fomorians attacked Avalon, but were defeated when the Evil Eye, an artifact forged by Avalon's alchemists that could manipulate matter at the molecular level, absorbed the Fomorian Balor's energy and rechanneled it back at his Fomorian brethren.[35] Later that century, the explorer Prester John traveled to Avalon at the service of King Richard I the Lionheart and was given possession of the Evil Eye. According to John, the wizards of Avalon had created mighty machines which harnessed the natural forces of the universe.[36]

20th Century[]

James Braddock Sr

James Braddock, Merlyn's greatest champion

In the mid-20th century, the Otherworlder James Braddock was Merlyn's greatest Corpsman. Merlyn and James banished the Ogre Mage Krokwel to the Forest of a Thousand Sorrows due to his inclination for forbidden magic.[37] Merlyn later sent James Braddock to Earth-616 to father a champion; arriving shortly after World War II, James ultimately had three children, James Jr. and the twins Elizabeth and Brian. Braddock also built the Mastermind artificial intelligence on Earth-616, a node of the omniversal knowledge to serve as a watchpost.[38][39]

During the Cold War, a man named Harry Pizer was sent to Otherworld to retrieve the Orb of Necromancy, a relic that could offer the spark of true life to any imaginable thing. Pizer was ultimately caught and, as punishment, James Braddock ordered his skin removed.[40]

Modern Age[]

Battle with Necromon[]

In modern times, the demonic Necromon and his fellow Nethergods attempted to overrun Otherworld and preemptively struck against Camelot, hoping to eliminate Merlyn's forces early in the conflict. Although Necromon was assisted by the Evil Walkers, he was ultimately defeated by Captain Britain, Black Knight, and the Proud Walkers. During the final battle for Camelot, King Arthur was revived and once more assumed the throne.[41]

The Rise of Roma[]

Roma and Merlyn from Mighty World of Marvel Vol 2 11 001

Roma and Merlyn

After using Captain Britain to lure Earth-238's hero-killing Fury to Earth-616 to slay the reality-warping mutant Mad Jim Jaspers,[42] Merlyn faked his own demise to draw Necrom out of hiding,[30] and Roma, seemingly unaware of his deception, gathered Camelot's defenders and the Corps for Merlyn's funeral on Otherworld.[29] Under Roma's new regime, Corpsmen regularly trained on Otherworld, and she also took direct control of the Dimensional Development Court created in another part of the multiverse by her father, relocating its Majestrix, Opal Luna Saturnyne, to Otherworld as Roma's assistant.[29][5]

When the demonic Adversary invaded the Starlight Citadel, Roma manipulated Earth-616's X-Men into seemingly sacrificing their lives to defeat him,[43] then used the shared grief engendered to bring Captain Britain and several surviving X-Men together as the UK superteam Excalibur.[44]

Alliance with Asgard[]

Hoping to stir up old enmities between the Tuatha and Asgard's Norse gods, the Egyptian god of death Seth sent griffin-like creatures to attack both Avalon and Asgard, leading the Asgardian Thor to enter Avalon pursuing one of the beasts, where Tuatha lightning god Leir mistakenly blamed him for its murderous rampage; realizing their error, Leir and Thor joined forces to stop the creature.[45]

Knights of Pendragon[]

Bercilak de Hautdesert (Earth-616) from Captain Britain and MI13 Vol 1 2

The Green Knight guards Otherworld's talismans

On Earth, one of the Red Lord's Bane, Francesca Grace, sacrificed the Pendragon Albion to awaken the slumbering Red Lord, a demonic creature dedicated to chaos and destruction. As his forces marched on the Green Chapel, the Lady of the Lake helped the Green Knight resurrect and assemble all past and present Pendragons to defend it. The Pendragons prevailed and the Red Lord withdrew.[46]

Battle with Necrom[]

At long last, Necrom returned and reabsorbed the Anti-Phoenix he had left behind. His actions led him to Otherworld where he faced the hero team Excalibur. Ultimately, Necrom was defeated by Rachel Summers in a cosmic battle after feeding Necrom so much power that his atoms discorporated. Merlyn's energy matrix dissolved as all Matrix towers across the multiverse collapsed.[30]

Brian Braddock (Earth-616) with Sword of Might and Amulet of Right from Excalibur Vol 2 4 001

Brian Braddock is crowned King of Otherworld

Invasion by Mastermind[]

Later, the artificial intelligence Mastermind, disguised as Merlyn's daughter Roma invaded Otherworld. Mastermind's forces slaughtered many of the defending Captain Britain Corps, and it sought the legendary Sword of Might and Amulet of Right, believing their combined power would allow it to remake the cosmos. However, Captain Britain and his allies freed Roma, and Captain Britain was crowned Otherworld's new ruler upon Mastermind's defeat.[47]

Invasion by Morgan Le Fay[]

Discovering Morgan Le Fey was plotting to magically reverse Captain Britain's connection to Britain so that injuries inflicted on him would damage his homeland, Brian and Meggan brought the recently deceased Kelsey Leigh to Otherworld and passed on Captain Britain's mantle to her. Though Morgan subsequently invaded Otherworld and captured Brian, she was defeated by Kelsey and the Avengers.[48]

House of M[]

When the insane Scarlet Witch transformed Earth-616, the ensuing reality-tsunami struck Otherworld through the interdimensional rift where Necrom's tower once stood, demolishing the Starlight Citadel. Roma dispatched Captain Britain and Meggan to Earth to seal the rift from Earth-616's side before it destabilized the Omniverse; they succeeded, though Meggan was lost in the interdimensional void, and Brian was stranded on Earth, relieved of his duties as king of Otherworld.[49][50]

James Jaspers (Earth-616) from X-Men Die by the Sword Vol 1 2 001

Mad Jim Jaspers attacks the Starlight Citadel

Invasion by the Faeries[]

In recent times, Otherworld's faeries came to be negatively affected by the British unconsciousness, becoming tainted by mortal rage and fear. These corrupted faeries began to enter the Earth realm and lead deadly assaults on mortals. Further escalation was averted when MI13 operative Pete Wisdom entered into an arranged marriage with the daughter of Oberon, king of the faeries.[22]

Battle with Merlyn[]

Most recently, an insane Merlyn, overtaken by his evil aspects, attacked Otherworld and murdered Roma, seeking to reclaim the Omniversal knowledge that he believed was rightfully his. Merlyn also managed to devastate the Captain Britain Corps by manipulating Mad Jim Jaspers and his Furies into an intercalation with Roma's Starlight Citadel. With Merlyn's plans foiled and Roma's apparent death, her servant Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix of Otherworld, reclaimed the title of Omniversal Guardian.[51]

After being infected by a shard of the Fury construct, Merlyn was captured by the combined might of all the world's Higher Evolutionaries and imprisoned in the “dark realms” by the faerie king Oberon, where his saner aspects regained control.[52]

Skrulls from Captain Britain and MI13 Vol 1 2 001

The Skrulls steal Otherworld's talismans

Skrull Secret Invasion[]

Later, during the Skrulls' Secret Invasion of Earth, they also invaded Otherworld (via the Siege Perilous, in the Cheviot Hills of Scotland), intending to take its magic for themselves.[14] The rehabilitated Merlyn telepathically directed Captain Britain to sacrifice himself in combat with the invaders. Waiting until Skrull sorcerers completed their plan to steal Otherworld's magic, Merlyn convinced MI13 agent Pete Wisdom to free him since his magic remained untouched by the Skrulls. Having collected all the evil within himself into the Fury shard, Merlyn extracted that fragment and magically inverted its hero-killing symbolism to resurrect Captain Britain stronger than before, enabling him to defeat the Skrulls.[53]

Chaos War[]

Otherworld Chaos War Vol 1 3

Mikaboshi attacks Otherworld

When the Chaos King, an identity of the evil god Amatsu-Mikaboshi, embarked on a mission to wipe out all of existence, he attempted to absorbed the various magical realms of different pantheons. Among those realms was the Celtic Otherworld. Mikaboshi was faced by King Arthur and his army.[54]

War with Horoam'ce[]

Battle for Otherworld from Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 20 001

The Battle for Otherworld

Not long after, during the hibernation of Merlyn and Roma,[55] Otherworld was invaded by the army of undead of Horoam'ce, the Goat of Self-Propagation. The Goat intended to storm the doorways of Tower Omniverse at the heart of Starlight Citadel and spread his madness across all of reality. The mutant black-ops team, X-Force, was found itself dragged in the conflict as Fantomex was brought to Otherworld by the Captain Britain Corps to stand trial for his crimes. Psylocke discovered that the Goat was a future version of Jamie Braddock possessed by Horoam'ce. Psylocke was forced to kill her brother, causing the death of his future counterpart and ending the threat of the Goat Monk.[56] A funeral for Jamie Braddock was held on Otherworld soon after.[57]

Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 640 Textless

The Manchester Gods

War with the Manchester Gods[]

Shortly afterwards, a god named Manchester rose in the north of Otherworld. It represented industrial revolution and urbanism. After growing stronger and more powerful, it soon spawned children, and the Manchester Gods started waging war against the rulers of Otherworld. They desired to take the political power of the Lords of Otherworld and bring change and modernization to the realm. The Asgardian All-Mother sent Loki to help their allies, the old gods; however, the trickster god allied himself with the Manchester Gods. The forces of the Manchester Gods ultimately forced the old gods to sign an armistice and surrender.[58] However, the new scenario did not last long. When Surtur used the technology of the Manchester Gods to assault Asgardia, Loki convinced the Manchester Gods to sacrifice themselves and save the universe.[59][60]


A newly-resurrected Lady Roma and the Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne watched helplessly entire universes die as a result of the events known as incursions, the collapse of the Multiverse onto itself.[1] Eventually, the Ivory Kings sent their forces to Otherworld. The Starlight Citadel was overrun and all of the Corps destroyed in a matter of hours.[61]

Secretly, Saturnyne took a captured Mapmaker and traveled with it through a hole in reality, arriving at the land which would become Blightspoke. Merlyn, in his paranoia, found her, leading Saturnyne to use the last remains of the Mapmaker as a weapon to kill both Merlyn and Roma, who had assisted in the plan, so that Saturnyne could use the time it would take for them to be reborn to secure her power as Omniversal Majestrix and select lands for them to rule.[62]

Dawn of X[]

The destruction of the Captain Britain Corps sent Otherworld into chaos, and in the fray Merlyn and Roma turned against one another as each took their court and half of the kingdom for themselves, establishing the Holy Republic of Fae and the Floating Kingdom of Roma Regina respectively. Otherworld was then split into two halves, the Fair Courts and the Foul Courts, each comprehending five vassal-states or kingdoms. The Omniversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne held her position as the rightful ruler of Otherworld and all of its kingdoms.[13][2] In Camelot, King Arthur disappeared, and, in his absence, Morgan Le Fey became Queen Regent of Avalon.[21]

Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men Dark Ages) Vol 1 1 001

Saturnyne, the rightful ruler of Otherworld

Shortly afterwards, Morgan Le Fay declared war on Saturnyne. Following the first volley of Le Fay's attack, the Starlight Citadel was cloaked from view for safety during wartime.[11] Amidst the chaos, a gateway to Otherworld emerged on the newly-established mutant nation-island of Krakoa. Morgan Le Fay planned to destroy the gate to prevent mutantkind's dominance over her realm; however, Apocalypse had ulterior motives to keep the gateway open. In the following days, a new Excalibur led by a new Captain Britain, the mutant Betsy Braddock, stormed Otherworld and dethroned Morgan Le Fay. In the aftermath, Jamie Braddock was crowned king of Avalon.[63]

Battle with Arakko[]

Following the successful creation of the External Gate, a second, larger gateway between Krakoa and Otherworld,[25] Apocalypse revealed his efforts to recover the island of Arakko, Krakoa's other half, and rescue his family, all lost in a realm that could only be reached through Otherworld. A demon horde led by Apocalypse's First Horsemen breached Otherworld having their sights set on the destruction of Krakoa. They razed and conquered the kingdom of Dryador, and when their father finally found him, they ambushed him and the other Krakoan mutants who had followed him. Saturnyne intervened in the conflcit and proposed a tournament between the champions of Krakoa and the champions of Arakko to settle the matter.[13]

Both sides agreed, and were given prophecies by Saturnyne, pertaining to specific champions and swords, which needed to be gathered in order to gain entrance to the tournament. Saturnyne and other kingdoms of Otherworld volunteered to host the various competitions that would make up the tournament.[8]

Arakko dominated the tournament, but Krakoa managed to tie the score ahead of the final challenge; a duel between Apocalypse and his erstwhile wife, the demon-possessed Genesis. As Apocalypse gained the upper hand in the duel, Genesis surrendered to Annihilation, leader of the demons of Amenth. Annihilation summoned its demonic armies to lay waste to everything in their path. The Krakoans managed to turn the tide, through the intervention of a restored Captain Britain Corps, reinforcements from Krakoa and by unleashing the alien Vescora onto the battlefield. Apocalypse finally wrested Annihilation's mask from his wife, merged with the entity, and surrendered the tournament on its behalf, restoring peace to Otherworld.[64]

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