Otr was the third son of Hriedmar of the Vanir and of a witch of Svartalfheim. Thus, he was gifted at birth with the talent of a changer of shapes.[2]

He lived in the Inn of Hriedmar along with his two older brothers Regin and Fafnir.[2]

A day where he had been sent by Hriedmar as a human-sized otter to catch a supper, he encountered the young prince Odin Borson and the time-travelling Loki. While Odin was astonished by the creature who greeted them welcome, Loki quickly killed it. His meat was eaten, and from his fur were made two cloaks.[2]

When Loki and Odin came to the Inn and listened to Hriedmar talking about his third son, Odin quickly understood that they had killed Otr. As soon, Fafnir and Regin entered in arms, recognizing Otr's fur on the two travellers backs. The feud was settled by Loki who brought a blood price for Otr's death, gold stolen from Andvari the Dwarf, who had cursed it.[2]

While Loki and Odin were let to be, Fafnir, compelled by the curse, killed Hriedmar, left Regin for dead and stole all of the gold for himself.[2]

Regin buried Otr and Hriedmar, and swore revenge upon Fafnir and all Asgardians.[2]


Due to the magical legacy from his mother's side, Otr was granted at birth the ability of changing shapes, among the river-beast such as an otter. However, he kept human size in this form.[2]

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