Quote1 Yes, it's true. We really are Martians – and what Ritton said about the invasion of Earth would have been real. Quote2
-- Captain Ott src

By his own accounts, Captain Ott is a Martian who was sent to Earth by the leader the "Great One" to obtain a Super T.N.T. formula created by Mr. Carson of the Carson Explosive Company, so that they could defend Mars from an attack by another unidentified alien race. To this end, the Great One ordered Ott and his companions to work with Clifton Ritton, giving them orders to follow him as they would the Great One.

Mr. Ritton only agreed to help if they invade planet Earth and make him emperor of the United States. Feeling they had no choice, the Martians agreed to these terms. Tracking Carson down, they blasted the tracks ahead of the train he was riding in causing it to crash. When Ott and his partner demanded the formula from Carson (who's spine was broken in the crash) he refused to hand it over. The Martians were in for a surprise when the android Human Torch (also a passenger on the train) attacked and sent them fleeing.

Later, after the Torch handed the formula over to Carson's daughter Diane Carson, he was going out to test the new explosive in a safe environment. He was ambushed by the Martians and captured. Placed in an electric chair, the Torch was helpless to stop Ott and his comrade to capture Diane and tied her to railroad tracks in a bid for Ritton to scare her into giving out the formula. Ritton explained to all gathered his motivation in this plot, however the Torch managed to free himself and Diane and sent Ritton fleeing.

As the Torch went off to apprehend Ritton, Diane learned the plight of the Martians but wasn't able to bring herself to turn over the formula. However, when the Torch returned the two realized how desperately the Martians needed the explosives and feeling it wasn't safe on Earth turned it over to the Martians.[1]


Captain Ott pilots a Martian craft that can carry at least two people and can fire electric ray beams from it's nose cone.


He used a dagger to threaten Mr. Carson.

As there have been many encounters with aliens claiming to be from the planet Mars, and contradictory histories and motivations of other visitors supposedly from the red planet, the story Ott told Ritton, Diane and the Human Torch is highly suspicious. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #6 entry on the planet Mars suggests that the terms "Mars" and "Martian" may have been used as a euphemism for beings from another world.

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