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Quote1.png Curse you, Wall-Crawler! Am I never to to be free? Will you hound me forever? Will there never be an end? Quote2.png
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Doctor Octopus seeming had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart, becoming an archenemy to Spider-Man and fighting Daredevil at some point.[2] He created the Flying Octopus to better accomplish his crimes. He robbed the Metropolitan Museum of Art and managed to escape his nemesis, Spider-Man; however, he caught up to Otto as he made his escape and captured him.

Octavius and Luthor escape Federal Maximum-X Security Penitentiary.

Imprisoned within Federal Maximum-X Security Penitentiary, where he met Lex Luthor. The two escaped and plotted to defeat their enemies, Spider-Man and Superman, respectively. They kidnapped their companions, Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson, as means to lead their adversaries into a trap. Otto and Lex took over the Injustice Gang Satellite and used to to hack Comlab One. They used the probe to wreak havoc on Earth as blackmail. The heroes arrived and the two sides started to battle, with Superman leaving to stop a tsunami and Doc Ock switching sides after Luthor decided to destroy the world. Otto was able to break Luthor's connect to the probe and Superman stopped the tsunami. They returned to Manhattan, with the heroes returning them to prison.[1]

Sometime before Spider-Man met Badrock, Otto died under unrevealed circumstances.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


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