Dr. Otto Octavius was born in South Africa, crippled and confined to a wheelchair. While growing up in South Africa, Octavius was disdainful towards his African native servants for having more free will than him. He determined that the solution to solving his problems lay in "a marriage of neurological and behavioral science," and Octavius became a world-renowned biologist while embracing racist ideology. During this time he covertly aligned himself with the "Friends of New Germany" and gained prominence within the group by experimenting on what he considered as lesser African minorities. These experiments led to the creation of mindless slaves at Ellis Island. Unusually Octavius reasoned against outright racial genocide, calling it "wasteful".

His secret experiments caught suspicion from the FBI due to his connections with the Crime Master and from the Spider-Man, after his friend Joseph Robertson was found lobotomized. Inevitably, Octavius' experiments were destroyed by his benefactors after federal authorities and Spider-Man discovered his experiments at Ellis Island. That said Octavius relished in killing the Crime Master as per orders from the Friends of New Germany chairman Josef Ansell because the Crime Master proved himself to be a liability. Octavius was then caught by Spider-Man and arrested by federal authorities led by Jean De Wolfe. A month later, Octavius was acquitted of his wrongdoings by the federal government, as he had previously worked on several important government projects. More worrying was the risk of information about his experiments leaking to the public in court so a deal was made in which Octavius was deported to Nazi Germany. Once landing in Berlin and meeting with Heinrich Himmler, Octavius was actually greeted with open disdain from Himmler for his disability as he considered people with physical disabilities to be an insult to the Nazi ideology of a physically fit Aryan race. Despite the doctor's resourcefulness, Himmler still disregarded him as defective, keeping Octavius from producing anything useful. He was then left on his own.




  • Biologist: Octavius is a skilled biologist in the fields of neurology and behavioral science.




Octavius uses eight mechanical surgical arms for his surgical experiments, and as well using it for escorting himself on his wheelchair.

  • Otto Octavius was first mentioned by name on a Daily Bugle news article in Spider-Man Noir #4.

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