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Quote1.png Intelligence is not a privilege, it's a gift, and you use it for the good of mankind. Quote2.png
Otto Octavius[src]



Before the accident

Doctor Otto Octavius was a brilliant nuclear physicist and engineer who developed a deuterium-tritium fusion reaction-based protostar to act as an infinite energy source for New York City, and potentially the world. He was a friend of the famous scientist Norman Osborn, founder of the company where he would work in the future. Under the funding of Oscorp Industries, Octavius and his wife Rosie built the machine and planned to sustain the energy using four mechanical tentacles connected to his spine and nervous system through AI. Otto was a kind, funny, and ambitious man, who took pride in progress and intelligence, making him the idol of one Peter Parker, who bonded with him when introduced to him by Oscorp CEO Harry Osborn.

Doctor Octopus is born

While developing the protostar at a demonstration, Otto miscalculated and the fusion reactor began sucking in everything it could, killing Rosie with a piece of shattered glass. Spider-Man arrived and shut down the machine, but its malfunction had already fused the tentacles to Otto, and destroyed the inhibitor chip that prevented their AI from influencing him and his decisions. He escaped to an abandoned building on the river, and under the tentacles' influence, the distraught scientist decided to rebuild his machine, regardless of how many lives it cost.[1]

Rebuilding the Reactor

Now dubbed "Doctor Octopus" by the Daily Bugle, Otto tried to rob a bank to fund his new device, but was confronted by Spider-Man. The two battled, with Doc Ock proving more than a match for Spider-Man, but using a captured May Parker to distract him, Doc Ock made his escape with his newfound riches, which he used to complete his machine. In need of more tritium to fuel it, Doc Ock went to Harry Osborn to provide it for him, in exchange for Octavius bringing Spider-Man to him, who Harry believed had killed his father.

Battling Spider-Man

Knowing Peter Parker took pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, Doc Ock tracked down Peter in a cafe, and kidnapped his lover, Mary Jane Watson, to force Spider-Man to meet him. Indeed, Spider-Man faced him on a train, and after a long battle, Spider-Man was exhausted and Doc Ock exhanged him for his tritium with Harry. With his machine finally complete, he prepared to recreate the protostar and, in his eyes, save the world.[1]

Redemption and Sacrifice

Doctor Octopus turned on the reactor and created another protostar, much more powerful than the last, but Spider-Man, having escaped from Harry, arrived to stop him. As the two fought, the protostar only grew larger, and soon threatened to consume all of Manhattan. After beating back Doc Ock, Spider-Man shut down the machine, but the protostar had become self-sustaining. He revealed his true identity of Peter Parker to Octavius in an attempt to get on his good side and find a way to shut it down, which caused Octavius to see that his tentacles were twisting his mind, and wrest control of them.

Otto's sacrifice

Once back in control, Otto realized the only way to stop the protostar was to drown it in the river. While Spider-Man and Mary Jane escaped, Otto Octavius pulled the reactor, and the protostar with it, down into the water, where it sank to the bottom, and Otto drowned in his selfless sacrifice.[1]



Mechanical arms: Otto is just an ordinary human without any power, after his suffering an accident during his Solar Fusion Reactor experiment that caused his arms to fuse with his spine.

  • Superhuman Striking Force
  • Telescoping
  • Wall-Climbing and Traveling


  • Genius Intelligence: Octavius is considered a genius in the field of nuclear physics.
  • Expert Inventor


Artificial Intelligence of mechanical arms: Octavius had created, along with the arms, a special inhibitor chip that protected his higher brain functions by attaching to his cerebral cortex to ensure that he maintained control of the arms, but because the chip was damaged, the mechanical arms influenced his personality.



  • Doctor Octopus' Tentacles: His tentacles, which allow him to easily break/bend stronger metals. They also have spikes that come from the 'eyes'. When the claws are closed, they can fold up to reveal small claws to hold smaller and more delicate objects. They are resistant to heat and magnetism.



  • The director of the original Spider-Man films, Sam Raimi, has stated that Ock was intended to appear in the first film, teaming up with Green Goblin but was not included because Raimi thought it wouldn't "do the movie justice to have a third origin in there". Doctor Octopus is portrayed by Alfred Molina in the film Spider-Man 2 (2004). However, the story is very contracted and Octavius seems to have become Doctor Octopus and died within a year. While the comic version has been portrayed as highly arrogant, the movie version of Otto Octavius is a generally likable person, who is married to a loving wife, Rosalie, though Octavius was not married in the comics.
  • This version of the Marvel comics villain has been praised by both critics and fans.
  • Octavius' tentacles are different from the comics. In the movies, they attach to his nervous system along his spinal cord and he controls them mentally from the start. They also have a degree of artificial intelligence in the movie - Octavius controls this with an inhibitor chip, but when the chip is destroyed in his accident (caused when the "sun" he creates becomes unstable and a large "flare" from it strikes him in the back, giving him a huge electric shock that melts the tentacles' attachments to his spine), they are able to control his mind and drive him to rebuild his failed fusion device. The tentacles' influence combined with the loss of his wife and his failure is what makes Doc Ock evil in the movie, rather than him simply becoming (possibly) insane due to brain damage from the accident as he does in the comics.

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