In the alternate future of MC2, it is revealed that Doctor Octopus attacked the Daily Bugle shortly after the disappearance/retirement of Spider-Man, killing editor-in-chief Joseph "Robbie" Robertson. This motivates Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson to initiate "Project: Human Fly", an attempt to create a government controlled superhero. Mercenaries (later revealed to be in the employ of Doctor Octopus) attempt to steal the Human Fly suit, but are thwarted when Jameson's grandson takes the suit (the control's of which bond to the first user) and becomes the superhero the Buzz. The Buzz and Spider-Girl eventually apprehend Doctor Octopus, who, now being struck with cancer, falls into a coma from which he is not expected to recover.

Later, the mantle of Doctor Octopus is taken up by Carolyn Trainer.


Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


Doctor Octopus' Tentacles

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