Doctor Octopus was Norman Osborn protégé, and a member of the Sinister Six.


With the pretext of wanting to work with the Academy geniuses, Norman Osborn decided to move his Osborn Private Science Institution close to the Avengers Academy. Doctor Octopus, and the Lizard advised him not to do that, telling him doing that would potentially jeopardize their secret plan.

Worried about Spider-Man possibly interfering with their plans again, they recreated Spider-Man webs in their labs, and committed various crimes around New York using it, making it look like Spider-Man was the one committing the crimes.

When the Lizard was defeated by the Avengers Academy, and the Green Goblin was nowhere to be found, Doctor Octopus using his improved Octobots started his attack on the Academy. Spider-Man was able to hack his Octobots, and a group of the other students attacked, and defeated Doctor Octopus himself.

After being defeated, and tired of dealing with Norman Osborn insanity due to the consumption Goblin Formula, he left Oscorp. The Green Goblin came back to attack the Academy himself, Spider-Man tried to convince Doctor Octopus to join them, and use his genius for good. Initially he didn't accept the invitation, but after being teased by Spider-Man who compared him to the other genius at the Academy, he accepted the invitation to prove his superiority.[1]


Seemingly those of the Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Otto Octavius of Earth-616.


Seemingly the same as Otto Octavius of Earth-616.

  • Octavius never hated Spider-Man, as he didn't care enough to make things personal.[1]
  • He believes kindness and friendship was for those who lacked skills.
  • Loki nickname for Otto was Professor Octoarms.[1]
  • Otto was attracted to Black Widow because she was cold and self-confident, but had no interest in dating her.[1]

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