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Doctor Octavius[src]


Doctor Octopus shared an identical history to his counterpart from Earth-96283 up until moments before his death. During his final confrontation against Spider-Man to stop him from destroying his fusion reactor, he learned that the hero was Peter Parker and grabbed him by the throat. During this moment, Otto was pulled from his timeline and transported through the Multiverse to Earth-199999 due to a botched magic spell cast by that reality's Doctor Strange that was intended to make everybody forget that his world's Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The spell almost caused the infinity of people in the Multiverse that knew Spider-Man's identity to be pulled into the universe, but Strange managed to contain it. Only a handful people from other realities made it to Earth-199999, with Octavius being one of them.

Arriving on this new world confused and enraged at losing his fusion reactor, Doctor Octopus tracked down its Spider-Man, mistaking him for his own Peter Parker. During the fight, Octavius tore off a piece of Spider-Man's nanotech armor, which imbued itself into his tentacles and allowed Peter to take control of them to restrain him. Spider-Man had also exposed his face during the battle, making Otto realize that Peter wasn't his intended target. Doctor Strange transported Octavius and Peter to his lair, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and held Otto captive along the reptilian Lizard, an enemy of the Spider-Man of a variant world of Earth-120703.

Fighting Spider-Man

As Otto waited in his cell, restrained by Peter's nanotech and Strange's magic, more enemies of Spider-Man brought into the universe by the spell were captured, namely the sand-powered Flint Marko and the Green Goblin from variants of Otto's world, and Electro from a variant of the Lizard's reality. Strange intended to use the Macchina di Kadavus to send the villains back to their original timelines, but Spider-Man intervened after he realized some of the villains would be put back in a path leading to their death. Against Strange's wishes, Peter incapaciated him and left the Sanctum Sanctorum with the villains, intending to cure them of their plights so they might have a second chance once returned to their timelines.

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Setting up in the apartment of his friend Happy Hogan, Peter used a device called the Fabricator to create cures for the villains. The Green Goblin's kinder Norman Osborn persona had been able to take control, and helped Peter develop a replacement inhibitor chip for Otto's tentacles. Peter installed the chip, removing tentacle's influence from Otto's mind and freeing him from villainy. Returned to his senses and grateful to the young Spider-Man for his help in giving him control of his mind once again, Octavius offered to help Peter and Osborn cure the other villains. However, the Green Goblin persona took over Osborn and coaxed the other villains to reject Peter's cures. After stealing an arc reactor from the Fabricator, Electro used his electric powers to blast Octavius off the building, after which Otto fled.

Peter would then join forces with the Spider-Man of Earth-96283 and the Spider-Man of Earth-120703, who had also been brought into his world by Strange's botched spell. After developing new cures for the villains, they lured them to the Statue of Liberty, using the Macchina di Kadavus as a bait. When Electro had Earth-96283's Spider-Man at his mercy, Doctor Octopus appeared seemingly on the villains' side. This was a trick to get close enough to Dillon and strip the arc reactor off him. Otto and Peter had a brief reunion, allowing Octavius to see Peter grown up and Parker to see his Otto freed from the influence of the tentacles. Following the arrival of Doctor Strange to the battle and the destruction of the Macchina di Kadavus at the hands of the Green Goblin, the fabric of reality began to tear apart. Spider-Man asked Strange to cast a new spell to make the entire world forget Peter Parker's existence, which negated the initial spell and undid its effects. Octavius and all the other visitors from the Multiverse returned to their homes as a result.[1]



Mechanical arms: Otto is just an ordinary human without any power, after his suffering an accident during his Solar Fusion Reactor experiment that caused his arms to fuse with his spine.

  • Superhuman Striking Force
  • Telescoping
  • Wall-Climbing and Traveling


Genius Intelligence




  • Doctor Octopus' Tentacles: His tentacles, which allow him to easily break/bend stronger metals. They also have spikes that come from the 'eyes'. When the claws are closed, they can fold up to reveal small claws to hold smaller and more delicate objects. They are resistant to heat and magnetism. One of his tentacles was severed in an attempt to stop the Green Goblin.[1]


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