Following Ben Parker's disappearance, Doc Ock Holiday became his village's new sheriff. Since then, Peter Parker started acting as crime fighter under the name Web-Slinger.[1]

During a fight against Doc Ock and the Phantom Rider (secretly Uncle Ben), Peter met Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid, two travellers from another dimension. When they were all ambushed by the Phantom Rider, the Web-Slinger abandoned them, and they were arrested.[1]

After a while, the Web-Slinger came back and broke them out, abandoning them once again after Ock injured his shooting hand. However, he realized his uncle would've wanted him to keep on fighting, thus Web-Slinger returned and helped the Spiders defeat Doc Ock, revealing the Phantom Rider as a mind-controlled Uncle Ben.[1]

Afterwards, the Spiders left to the next dimension, Doc Ock Holiday was arrested and Ben Parker became sheriff again.[1]




He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

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