Elderly, wheelchair-bound Vincent Kruger is left with a dilemma when his butler, Jeeves, becomes the latest in a long line of servants to storm off the property, due to fears of a locked room Kruger keeps in his home. While worrying about having to find another servant, Kruger is startled to when to find a mysterious man in his home. The man, balding with a heavily scarred face, introduces himself as Hauntly, and announces himself as Kruger's new servant. Confused, Kruger agrees, and the both of them turn in for the night.

In the following days and weeks, Kruger grows more and more unhappy with Hauntly's presence, and his knowledge of Kruger's secret room. One morning, Hauntly informs Kruger that he has cancelled Kruger's newspaper delivery, broken his radio, and cut the telephone lines, cutting Kruger off from the outside world. Hauntly then reveals himself to actually be Kruger's former research partner Dr. Otto van Shorn.

Van Shorn demands to know the secrets of Kruger's room, but Kruger refuses to tell him. Unrelented, van Shorn wheels Kruger out to the cliff behind his home and threatens to roll him over the edge. Kruger gives in, and directs van Shorn to the room. Giving van Shorn the key to the room, Kruger watches as he rushes inside to see his treasures, only to find an unseen horror. However, van Shorn forgets to remove the key from the lock, and Kruger slams the door behind him, locking van Shorn inside.

As van Shorn pounds on the door, screaming in terror, Kruger thinks back to the last time he saw van Shorn. He recalls that some 30 years prior, he and van Shorn created a serum in their lab, dubbed Formula-X, that they believed was the key to eternal life. Kruger rushed into town to purchase small animals to test the formula on. However, van Shorn could not wait, and decided to forcibly test the formula on Kruger's wife and children, who were residing upstairs. When Kruger returned, van Shorn had vanished, and he dicovered that Formula-X did not grant eternal life, but instead disrupted the natural growth and functuion of body cells.

After the screams stop, Kruger then breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience if they really want to know what's in the room. He relents and opens the door to reveal the monsterous, fanged shadows of his wife and children.[1]

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