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The Ottoman Empire (دولت عليه عثمانیه‎) also known as the Turkish Empire, was a state that controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa between the 14th century and early 20th century. It's capital and cultural centre was Constantinople, Turkey.


15th Century

In 1456 A.D., the Ottoman Empire invaded Hungary. Vlad Dracul and his sons Vlad Dracula and Radu travelled to the Ottoman Empire, where they planned to negotiate for peace. They were ambushed en route by agents of Sultan Murad II, who held the sons captive, forcing Vlad the Elder to favor Turkey. This eventually led John Hunyadi and Vlad's other advisers to revolt against him, killing him and his son Mircea. After five years of torture, Radu had died in captivity.[1]

In 1459 A.D., Vlad had become king of the vampires and lured Murad into a trap. Dracula's female followers took out Murad's men while Dracula killed Murad personally. After feeding upon on Murad, Dracula tossed Murad's lifeless body to his men.[1]

Later that year the Turkish warlord Turac defeated Dracula who left him alive, hoping to use him to seize control of Transylvania.[2] Another account suggested the Ottomans were helped by the immortal mutant; Apocalypse and his band of Dark Riders.[3]

In 1460 A.D. Greece was captured by the Ottoman Turks who absorbed the nation into the Ottoman Empire.[4]

16th Century

In 1526 A.D., the Ottoman Empire defeat the Hungarian forces, establishing control over most of the country.

17th Century

In 1699 A.D., Austrian Habsburgs under Leopold I expel the Ottoman Empire.

19th Century

In 1821 A.D., the Greeks rebelled against Turkish rule. [4]

In 1827 A.D., the Greeks won their independence.[4]

20th Century

World War I

The Ottoman Empire joined Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire in forming the Central Powers during World War I.

Fall of the Empire

The empire's defeat during World War I resulted in the loss of territory to the British Empire and French Empire. After the war of independence and the desolation of the monarchy, the Republic of Turkey was formed.

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