Quote1 Apart from the singularity-for-a-head... they looked like Oubliette the Exterminatrix Quote2
-- Noh-Varr src
Oubliette Midas (Earth-TRN286) from Young Avengers Vol 2 8 0002

These creatures were among the many twisted beings encountered by the Young Avengers during their trip through the Multiverse in order to find and rescue Speed.

After welcoming Noh-Varr to the New Capital of the Kree Empire, they quickly assaulted the group, who retreated to another reality.[1]


Oubliette Midas (Earth-TRN288) from Young Avengers Vol 2 8 0007

Exterminatrix's face

Seemingly those of the Exterminatrix of Earth-616, possibly enhanced by their physiology constituted of a singularity. Also possess some property related to the black holes.


Leathers masks to hide their black holes faces.


Guns and swords.

  • Clearly twisted versions of Oubliette Midas, nothing was revealed about them.

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