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In 1922, inspired by the slaughter of millions of people during World War I, Wulf Fortunov decided that the world is not fit to rule itself. He assembled a cabal of powerful men and women who will pull the strings of government and people in secret, ensuring a measure of peace and stability. This included himself as "Power", Ika Agboje as the "Machine", Etien Argent as "Money", Ana as "Love". To ensure that what they called "the century's game" was fair, Fortunov included in the group Gavrilo Princip the man who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, saving him from execution, to take the role of the "Revolution", whose purpose is to bring the Outer Circle down from the inside.[1]

20th century[]

Over the century, they influenced various events such as FDR Election Win (1932), World War II (1942), Ivy Mike (First full-scale test of a thermonuclear device) (1952), JFK's Birthday (1962), Bloody Sunday (1972), Falklands War (1982), Fall of the Soviet Union (1992), Euro currency release (2002), or the International Space Station (2012).[1]

Modern Age[]

In the modern age "The Revolution",' Princip was murdered by the Winter Soldier, who took his place as 'The New Revolution,' vowing to destroy the Outer Circle from within.[2]


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