Quote1 No, let me ask you a question. Let me make sure I get this. Every day, kids are out there dying. Dying because they can't get enough to eat, dying as soldiers in wars we didn't start, dying from guns. Dying from drugs in our communities, from poisons that corporations sell us, from stress and depression. But you have a problem with us standing up for ourselves? Standing up for each other? You have a problem with us fighting back. And if Ms. Marvel were here, she would never buy this -- this fake concern thing you're trying to pull off. Quote2
-- Nova

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During a hearing in the U.S. Capitol over a proposed bill, Spider-Man says that what happened was an accident. Riri Williams pleads the fifth, but the committee says that she’s not on trial even though she feels like she is. Carol Danvers tries to defend the Champions’ actions, but the committee stops her by saying that some of her own mentees became supervillains, which must be upsetting. Joaquin Torres says that they save lives, but the committee questions him regarding his own mentor. An expert testifies that the adolescent brain is not developed, which causes them to do impulsive things. The Wasp’s past in the Black Widow Ops Program is discussed and that no one wants to emulate a child soldier, which confuses her. Captain America tries to defend the heroes’ actions, saying that he did the same thing in his past because people gave heroes like the Champions a chance. When the Vision is asked about his daughter, Viv, he does not answer.

Nova decides to ask his own question. He stands up to the hearing and says that every day kids are getting killed, fighting in wars, and getting hooked on drugs and that the committee is fine with that, but when teenagers stand up for themselves and fight back, that’s when there is an issue, and if Ms. Marvel were here she would say that this “fake concern” is not needed. Senator Geoffrey Patrick understands his frustrations and his wish for Ms. Marvel to be here as well, but that this concern is real because of the “Coles Disaster.”

Several days prior, Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, and Miles’ classmate, Jamilah, are meeting at Coles Academic High School for a teen summit hosted by the Concerned Future Scientists of America. When they walk in, they recognize Ailana Kabua, who is Jamilah’s hero and the keynote speaker at the event. When Jamilah comments on the presence of the Champions at the event, Kamala suggests that's merely a rumor.

Outside the high school, Ironheart, Bombshell, Power Man, Pinpoint, and Nova are monitoring the perimeter. Inside, Viv and Nadia are monitoring the civilians and commenting on Ailana’s status as a voice for change, with Viv saying that people like her are a “rare quality.” Pinpoint questions if it's really Roxxon that is attacking, but Viv and Power Man confirm his suspicions because they believe that oil tycoons will lose money if people stand behind Ailana.

Inside, the event begins and Ailana stands up to speak. She comments that even though teenagers do not have political power, they are still fighting for their lives. Suddenly, Roxxon attacks and interrupts Ailana’s speech. Miles asks Victor what’s going on out there, and Vic responds that a dragon just showed up. Riri asks how they missed a dragon and where it came from, and Miles explains that they must have been left over from the War of the Realms. Nadia starts to escort the crowd away from the attack, and Bombshell sees some soldiers arrive onto the scene who promptly open fire on her.

Kamala tells Miles and Nadia to get out of the school and help stop Roxxon, while she escorts Ailana to safety through the basement of the school. The two heroes enter the battle and start to fight the soldiers. Power Man and Pinpoint form a plan to attack the dragon, but Riri tells them that there is an easier option if she flies down and grabs him. While Power Man says that his idea is smart, and hopes that Ms. Marvel will back him up. Kamala tells them that she trusts their judgement, and Ailana asks her who she’s talking to but they have to keep moving because soldiers are right behind them.

Riri says that they need to make a decision on what to do, but gets knocked back by an infuriated Viv who wishes to stop the dragon now. Riri says that she understands her anger, but Viv retorts by saying they are uncoordinated and underprepared, which has hurt people, as she phases into her intangible state. Vic prepares an attack, and Pinpoint makes a portal in front of the dragon. Miles tries to stop him, but it's too late and he attacks as Viv charges at the dragon. Suddenly, Victor’s chi blast combines with Viv and powers her up. Nadia asks what the two have done, and watches Viv as she generates a violent flare of energy that damages the dragon and starts generating a fiery response; however, she loses control and creates powerful bolts of lightning that hit the school. Inside, Kamala tells Ailana to get down and not look up as she uses her shapeshifting powers to protect her from falling debris.

Miles sees a building about to crash into the school, and tells Pinpoint and Bombshell to get in there and save lives as Nova, Wasp, and Ironheart try to stop Viv. Sam asks how the three of them can stop her, and Riri says by any means necessary, which makes the other two question her motives, stating that Viv is innocent in all of this; however, Riri says that they have to stop her before she hurts more people, even though she hates making this decision. Nova generates a force field to protect them as they get close to Viv. Riri hands Nadia an EMP blaster and tells her to shrink down so she can fire at Viv on a molecular level. She asks Viv if she’s able to stop, but Viv fires off energy at the three. Riri apologizes to Viv, crying as she fires missiles for force Viv to phase so that Nadia can take her down.

Nadia goes subatomic and fires the EMP, stopping her violent attack. The dragon is released from Viv’s attack, and drops dead to the ground below. Nova uses the Nova Force to catch the dragon's corpse, and the rest of the Champions go to help people escape the rubble. Riri breaks down in the chaos as Nadia and Sam comfort her. JCFD paramedics arrive and check on the wounds of the civilians and the heroes, with the media commenting on the Champions and asking if they ended the destruction or caused it. Bombshell angrily says that this is not fair, but Miles stops her and says that they should be asking themselves the same. Ailana is taken to get medical attention and tries to give a statement. Suddenly, she realizes that Kamala saved her life, but she does not know how she did. She asks them if Kamala is alright, and demands to know “Where is Kamala Khan?!”

Back in the present, Senator Patrick hosts a press conference to discuss the committee's findings. He says that because of Viv’s malfunction and disappearance, as well as Ailana’s near-death experience, the government has approved his bill. He says that with this bill, the government will no longer overlook people under 21 who engage in superheroics. He also announces the creation of the C.R.A.D.L.E. organization to prevent young people from being superheroes and says that their commanders will make sure of this. C.R.A.D.L.E. makes their presence known, and goes after superheroes like Lunella Lafayette in her home and Riri at her Chicago lab, observes dueling protests while preparing to raid the West Coast Avengers’ HQ, commandeers the Champions Mobile Bunker, and hangs up wanted posters of Ms. Marvel in front of Jersey City's Circle Q.

As he wraps up his speech, he reveals that he wants to honor the young woman who saved Ailana’s life and is currently fighting for her life in a hospital. He says that the bill will commonly be known as “Kamala’s Law,” as Kamala lays in a coma with her parents watching over her.

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In the wake of a devastating tragedy, the United States passes a law that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.

The world has had enough of teen heroes. The crackdown has begun. And the lives of Marvel’s next generation will never be the same again.

EVE L. EWING and KIM JACINTO launch a new era in this game-changing event one-shot that will send shockwaves across the Marvel Universe! You won’t want to miss this one!

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