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Quote1.png No, let me ask you a question. Let me make sure I get this. Every day, kids are out there dying. Dying because they can't get enough to eat, dying as soldiers in wars we didn't start, dying from guns. Dying from drugs in our communities, from poisons that corporations sell us, from stress and depression. But you have a problem with us standing up for ourselves? Standing up for each other? You have a problem with us fighting back. And if Ms. Marvel were here, she would never buy this -- this fake concern thing you're trying to pull off. Quote2.png

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  • Ailana Kabua (First appearance) (Only in flashback)


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Synopsis for 1st story

The Government Subcommittee On Superhumans And Public Safety is discussing the proposed Underage Superhuman Welfare Act, and various superheroes including some of the young Champions are testifying. They're allowed to mask their identities where necessary. There appears to have been an incident that has aroused public opinion.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) says it was an accident. The interrogator, Senator Geoffrey Patrick, sympathizes with how traumatic it must have been, but suggests the Champions have had several such 'accidents' before. Riri Williams (Ironheart) is publicly known so she appears without her armor. But she says this seems more like a trial than a senate hearing. Carol Danvers also openly Captain Marvel, defends Champions but is reminded of the team of youngsters she led. Patrick adds that two of them later joined Hydra as villains Discord and Lockdown. Falcon (Joaquin Torres) says that the Champions stand on their own feet but the Senator reminds him that he was mentored by the Sam Wilson.

The interrogator then tells the room that the adolescent brain is more impulsive and risk-taking. He then commiserates with Nadia Van Dyne (Wasp) as someone who was raised as a child soldier by the Russian Red Room, and says that's the kind of thing they don't want in the US.

Steve Rogers angrily points out that he was about the Champions' age when he was picked and trained to be Captain America. Then Senator Patrick asks Vision about what happened to his daughter Viv Vision in the incident. We don't hear the sad synthezoid reply.

He asks Nova (Sam Alexander) about the helmet which gives him his powers. But Nova angrily asks why they aren't more concerned about all the ways kids are dying in the world, rather than kids like the Champions who try to do something good in the world. If Ms. Marvel were here she wouldn't be fooled by his fake concern. The interrogator asks why Ms. Marvel hasn't stepped forward.

And it is revealed that the disaster was at the Coles Academic High School which Kamala Khan attends.

In flashback, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is there, but so is Miles Morales from the Brooklyn Visions Academy. They are gathering for a meeting of the Concerned Future Scientists Of America where they will be addressed by young climate activist Ailana Kabua. But there have been death threats against her and the Champions are also here to guard her. They are radio-linked. Ironheart and Nova are patrolling the sky. Bombshell, Pinpoint and young Power Man (Víctor Álvarez) are watching from the rooftop. Wasp is hiding in Miles' hair and Viv Vision is hanging around cloaked. The suspected source of the threats is Roxxon Energy Corporation.

The school is attacked by a dragon. Kamala reminds them that Roxxon were (allegedly) involved on the bad side in the recent War Of The Realms, so the dragon is probably Asgardian. She sends Viv to help Ironheart and Nova against the flying dragon, and Wasp to organize an evacuation. They are shot by troops presumably working for Roxxon, and Kamala diverts Wasp and Spidey to help in evacuating while she herself gets Ailana to safety. She leads her through the basement and smashes a way through a wall when Ailana isn't looking.

Meanwhile the battle outside rages with Bombshell and Wasp blasting troopers, Power Man hitting them, Spider-Man webbing them up and Pinpoint teleporting them away. Then they turn to help Ironheart and Nova against the dragon. Power Man wants Pinpoint to open a portal in front of the dragon. IH has another suggestion and leader Kamala can't decide because she can't see the situation and she's busy avoiding some more troops who are after Ailana.

Viv has arrived and can't wait for a decision so she zooms towards the dragon intending to phase through it. Pinpoint and Power Man don't know what's happening so they implement their plan at the same time. Power Man sends his chi-force through the portal and it hits Viv just as she merges with the dragon. They start drawing electricity out of the atmosphere and ejecting it all around. It hits a building and causes it to collapse onto the school. In the basement Ms. Marvel expands her body to shield Ailana.

Pinpoint ports the ground-based Champions into the rubble to look for survivors. Ironheart, Nova and Wasp are left to deal with the still dangerous Viv/dragon. Nova creates a force-shield to get them close. Riri gives Nadia an EMP blaster and tells her to go small to get inside Viv. Then Ironheart fires rockets at Viv who goes insubstantial to avoid them. Wasp slips in and fires the EMP. There's a terrific explosion and Nova has to use his forcefield to stop the now solid but unconscious dragon from falling on people. And there's no sign of Viv.

In the aftermath medics care for the injured, including some of the Champions. Reporters wonder how much of the destruction is the Champions fault, and they can't help but agree with them. Ailana is basically OK but she's worried about Kamala Khan.

In the present Senator Patrick gives a TV announcement, with Justice behind him, that his Underage Superhuman Welfare Act has been passed, so no-one under 21 is allowed to 'engage in superhero activity'. An organization CRADLE (Child Hero Reconnaissance And Disruption Law Enforcement) has been set up including former-teen New Warriors Justice, Speedball and Timeslip alongside ex-SHIELD Agents Dum Dum Dugan, Jake Oh and Carolina Washington.

C.R.A.D.L.E. bangs on the door of the home of Luna Lafayette (Moon Girl). Her father tells her mother to hide her.

Timothy Dugan, Jake Oh and Washington at the West Coast Avengers HQ in LA, between angry protesters on both sides of the argument.

Speedball is with troops arresting Snowguard and Red Locust from the Champions Mobile Bunker.

Other troops invade Riri Williams' lab, as she tells the kids she's 'adopted' to sneak out the back.

In Jersey City CRADLE is putting up wanted posters for Ms. Marvel, over the objections of her friend Bruno Carrelli.

It is revealed Kamala Khan is severely injured in a hospital bed, and in her honor the Act is being called Kamala's Law, not knowing that she is in fact Ms. Marvel.

Solicit Synopsis


In the wake of a devastating tragedy, the United States passes a law that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.

The world has had enough of teen heroes. The crackdown has begun. And the lives of Marvel’s next generation will never be the same again.

EVE L. EWING and KIM JACINTO launch a new era in this game-changing event one-shot that will send shockwaves across the Marvel Universe! You won’t want to miss this one!

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