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Quote1 My son is a tyrant and a visionary. He is a gift and a curse. A storm that will claim the world... for he is me, Captain, and he is his father, and so he is meant to rule no matter what we may otherwise desire. Quote2


Ove was the son of King Namor of Atlantis and Amora the Enchantress of Asgard, born following the second of two wars that resulted in the scorching of the Earth and the fall of civilization. In the aftermath of such cataclysmic upheaval that made the surface uninhabitable, Atlantis not only survived but thrived.[1] Ove was the furthest thing from the perfect child however. Having inherited the characteristic flaws of both the mother and the father, when he was sixteen years old, Ove killed Namor. The Enchantress witnessed the assassination and fled with Ove to the irradiated surface out of fear of retaliation against her son if Namor's subjects found out of his misdeed.[2] Ove would later claim that revolutionaries killed Namor, something Amora believed was more than a falsehood, but a delusion used as a coping mechanism.

Ove and Amora eventually arrived at the ruins of New York City. They established a haven in the area surrounding New York Public Library, where Ove intended to build a kingdom of his own to come out of his father's shadow. Whilst traversing the battle-scarred wastelands that remained of Earth, Ove and Amora had encountered other superpowered survivors, namely Jolt, Crystal and Armor.[1] Using magic, Ove and Amora took control of the three heroes,[3] using their abilities to regulate, power and shield a small biome that became known as New Atlantis, where Ove ruled as king.[1]

Despite the accomplishment of establishing New Atlantis, Ove remained mindful of the horrors of the dystopia where he lived. Because of this, he intended to travel back in time before the two wars in order to rule.[2] When Ove and Enchantress enlisted Magik, another hero subjugated by the mother and son duo, she tried to stall their plan and claimed that they would need the life force of the late Captain Marvel to power the spell necessary transport Ove to the past.[3] To this end, Ove had Captain Marvel's younger self from a timeline decades prior, Earth-616, transported forward in time.[2] Arriving at the dystopia, she encountered a group of surviviors,[4] and Ove had the mentally-controlled Luke Cage reach out to this group with an invitation for Captain Marvel to New Atlantis.

Arriving at New Atlantis, Captain Marvel and some members of this group encountered Ove.[5] He provided Carol and her allies with quarters, and invited Carol to a dinner during which he explained the origins of himself and New Atlantis, omitting that the superhumans powering New Atlantis did so against their will. At night, Carol and her allies prowled New Atlantis and discovered Magik, Crystal and Jolt captive. They were then found out by Ove and Amora, resulting in their capture.[1] When Ove and Amora began to cast the spell to send Ove back in time using Carol's life energy, they were interrupted by Carol's liberated allies.[2] While overpowered by the heroes, Ove and Amora briefly took control of The Wolf. Using her psychic abilities on Magik, they found out about her bluff. Realizing that the life force of any individual could power the spell, Enchantress sacrificed herself to finish the ritual, and successfully sent Ove to the past, to the timeline of the younger Carol. However, Ove was sent further back in time, allowing him to machinate before Carol even became aware of his existence.[3]

Ove went into hiding, planning out his invasion and building an army. Having returned to her own time, Carol set out to learn magic to prepare to confront Ove.[6] She ultimately sought the help of her time's Amora,[7] who introduced her to the Heart of the Serpent, a potion that permanently made whoever ingested it resistant to magic. After using her magic to secretly probe Captain Marvel's mind and learn the hero's intention to kill her own future son, Amora turned against Carol and used magic to contact Ove. Ove arrived to Amora's home, resulting in a fight between him and Captain Marvel. Noticing Carol's attempt to reach out to the Heart of the Serpent, Ove assumed it was a time-travelling potion and ingested it to taunt Carol. The potion took effect, and Ove was surprised to find himself unable to access his magic anymore. Captain Marvel then left him to be tended by the Enchantress.[8]



Mutant Atlantean/Asgardian Hybrid Physiology: Ove's powers stem from the union of his parents' unique constitutions coming together in him, making him an Atlantean mutant boasting Asgardian physiological traits.[1] Because of his unusual genetic heritage, Ove possesses skills and attributes that put him above even typical members of his parent species. Divesting himself from Atlantean mutants as well as the godlike Aesir of Asgard; bestowing an incredible blend of incredible physical prowess on top of magical potential due to his arcane inheritance.[2]

  • Amphibious Physiological Adaptation
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Extended Longevity
  • Underwater Breathing
  • Flight

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