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Owayodata was the son of the Native American god E-bangishimog, god of the west wind, and of the mortal woman Wiininwaa, who would later become the goddess of nourishment.[1]

The god of the hunt of the Manidoog (Native American spirit gods), Owayodata was primarily worshiped by the Cheyenne Nation.[1]

He empowered various Red Wolves, who served as his mortal champions in the Earth realm, throughout the ages.[3]


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Owayodata possesses the conventional superhuman physical attributes of a Native American god, but with enhanced strength enabling him to lift approximately 60 tons. He can also access and manipulate "Orenda," the mystic power of the Giizhigong spritual plane for a variety of supernatural effects.[1]


Owayodata is an expert tracker with an almost psychic intuition and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.[1]



Owayodata's personal weapon is a coup stick (a six-foot wooden staff) that can be used like a quarterstaff (for defensive purposes), or offensively like a javelin. The coup stick and "Owayo Tanema" headdress are symbols of Owayodata's power, and have been wielded by each of the Red Wolves who served as his mortal champion in the Earth realm.[1]

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