Owen Backes manifested his powers during a car accident and survived, losing his girlfriend in it. The police quickly started to shoot him and when the X-Men came to his help, intending to take him to Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, a newly reassembled Freedom Force arrived to take him.

After a quick battle between the two teams, Backes choose to go with Freedom Force. Ostensibly, Freedom Force was going to help him deal with his powers and provide him a chance to help his country. Unbeknownst to Backes, Kade Kilgore intended to take him, using his relations with the US government.


Technological Assimilation: Owen's primary mutant ability is the power to assimilate any technological objects into his body and make it one with him.

Cybernetic Enhancement: After his mutant abilities activated Owen resurfaced as a cyborg-like being. The majority of his body has become completely mechanic with only a few of his original body parts intact.

  • Superhuman Durability: Owen's now mechanical body offers him protection against most forms of attack. He is able to survive being shot at by small caliber weaponry and has survived a car crash without a scratch.
  • Technopathy: His mutation allows him to interface with technology and possibly much more. The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

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