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P.T. Oakley was one of a trio of washed-up, drunken depraved Hollywood actors that Dominic Fortune was hired to bodyguard and babysit.[1] He traveled with Fortune from Los Angeles to New York City, engaging in all kinds of delinquent behavior along the way until Fortune had a police officer friend of his arrest the men in order to ensure that they wouldn't miss their ride. From there they took a zeppelin to Berlin in order to take in the 1936 Summer Olympics.[2] While in Berlin, all three men had bearer's bonds worth millions of dollars put into their suitcases by Malcolm Upshaw in order to smuggle them back into the United States as part of his plot to overthrow the government. When confronted by Fortune, the men stated that they had no idea that the bonds had been placed there.[3]

Believing them, Fortune took Oakley and the others back to New York City where he dumped them at the most notorious cathouse in the city while he tried to foil Upshaw's scheme. Once Upshaw had been defeated, the three actors were seen partying with Fortune back in Los Angeles.[4] Their subsequent activities have not been revealed.

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