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Modern Age[]

Iron Man flew over the Pacific Ocean on a speedy military jet piloted by Bill and Dave.[1]

On a remote island in the South Pacific, Prof. Damian and his guide discovered and unearthed an ancient Kree spaceport, accidentally awakening the Kree Sentry robot #459, which incapacitated them. They were eventually rescued by Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl, whose aircraft was attracted to the island by a Kree vibro-screen. Reached by the Human Torch and Lockjaw, they all teleported away before the island was blasted away by the explosion of the Kree power and energy supply.[2]

The Avengers and Falcon traveled to an island out in Pacific, located 27° S 97° W, where they stumbled upon a gigantic statue of some ancient demon. After having fought off a giant slug, they crashed into the lab of an ancient insectoid named Psyklop, who was being the Hulk captive in order to shrank him down to size, hoping to use his body as a power source to summon the Dark Gods. During the ensuing fight, the Hulk was left unattended and the shrink ray trained on him caused him to shrink so small that he vanished from sight. Furious at losing the Hulk, Psyklop used a teleportation device to send the Avengers back to New York City.[3]

Once Psyklop managed to seize the Hulk off the Microverse and take him back to Earth, the green goliath reverted back to his normal mentality and went on a rampage, easily defeating Psyklop and escaping, which left Psyklop at the mercy of the Dark Gods, who punished him for his failure.[4]

The Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, Griffin and Darkstar flew on a hypersonic craft across the Pacific Ocean to bring the captured defectors Black Widow, Alexi Bruskin and Ivan Petrovich back to Russia, but, thanks to Darkstar's betrayal, they were reached and eventually defeated by the Champions.[5]

Some time later, Tigra and the Shroud were thrown off in the Pacific Ocean by Graviton,[6] though they were soon rescued by Iron Man.[7]

Years later, the X-Force dropped Crule in the Pacific Ocean, assuming the fiberglass cast he was wearing would have floated.[8] A different iteration of X-Force would later use the broken leftovers of an old helicarrier that floated somewhere in the Pacific Ocean as their HQ.[9]

Some time later in the South Pacific, the Black Widow led the Avengers in battle against Morgan le Fay's minions.[10]

Above the Pacific, War Machine easily defeated two jet fighters.[11]

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The continent of Oceania lies within the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean includes sub-classification of bodies of water, including:

In the Pacific Ocean lies a large number of islands, some regrouped into consistent regions:

Furthermore, bases, city, islands, and even whole kingdoms, as well as oceanic trenches lies at the seabed of the Pacific, sometimes lifted some way or another to the surface:


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