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Doctor Doom used several Pacifier Robots as minions in his scheme to build the giant robot Doomsman III in a secret underground lair beneath an American city. The base was controlled by the AI Cynthia, whose hardware was protected by one of the Pacifiers.[2]

Doom also sent Pacifiers in several missions to get the supplies needed for his scheme. The base had a secret entrance under a bus shelter; the robots (or any allied being) could open the entrance by writing a numeric code (D O O M) in a public phone; then Cynthia would scan the newcomer to check for intruders.[2]

This allowed Doom to send Pacifiers to capture three destitute people so that Doom's machines could steal their life force to power the Doomsman. Doom also sent one Pacifier Robot to steal a memory matrix (an advanced device in robotics used in advanced mechanical lifeforms) from Stark International; to do so, the Pacifier broke a wall using machine gun fire, then murdered two security guards and caused the police to open an investigation with the help of Stark employee Iron Man.[2]

Soon afterward, when a Pacifier Robot left the base for a new mission, a team of superheroes followed it and found the secret lair. At that same moment, the cult Darkholders, who intended to steal the Doomsman, was also trying to enter the hideaway. This rushed a number of events that peaked with the Doomsman's annihiliation.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Robotic construction: Pacifier robot has a hull protecting from some physical damage. It is immune to emotional, mind and illusion attacks.[1]
  • Energy blaster: A lightning coming from its face-mounted weapon.[1]
  • Remote control: A hand-held device can control the robot if in range (which is only a few meters).[1]
  • Self-destruct: A button in Doctor Doom's armor can be used to activate the self-destruct device in the robot.[1]
  • Weapon gauntlet: Its right hand is a gauntlet with cannons of five different weapons, although only one can be shot at a time.[1]
    • Sub-machine gun. 100 shots.[1]
    • Flame-thrower. 4 shots.[1]
    • Laser. 20 shots.[1]
    • Stun gun: 20 shots.[1]
    • Adhesive Spray: 10 shots.[1]

Physical Strength

Maximum human level.[1]


The Pacifier Robot was created by Doctor Doom as a killing machine lacking any personality that could be controlled from a distance. The Pacifier Robots seen in Earth-TRN564 were controlled by the AI Cynthia.



Incorporated weapons in its arm.

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