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Paco Montoya was the cousin of respected archaeologist Enrique Montoya. Paco was considered by his family to be a "Lazy, Good-for-Nothing" and was forced by his father to join Enrique on an exploration of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in Boca del Dios, Mexico. Paco's lazy demenor was actually an act, designed to hide his identity as the crimefighter El Águila. When Enrique was betrayed by the men he had hired to help him with the work, Paco and Enrique's visiting University friend Carter Slade both switched to their secret identity of El Águila and the Phantom Rider to save Enrique and prevent the men from stealing the supposed treasure from the temple.[1]

El Águila's ultimate fate is unknown but, during the War of the Realms in modern day, his spirit was called by the Demon Rider, the Sorcerer Supreme from the 1800s. The Demon Rider had been summoned by Thor's sister Laussa for protection while evading he forces of the Queen of Cinders. To this end, the Demon Rider called the ghosts of El Águila and other heroes from their time. The spirits encountered Laussa's protectors, her "Babysitters Club," in the Wild West-themed amusement park Six Gun Territory. A fight broke out since the spirits couldn't properly communicate their intention, until Druid's magic allowed him to understand that Laussa was the reason for their presence.[2] After the Demon Rider made herself present and clarified that the undead warriors intended to pledge their allegiance to Laussa, they all rode out of the town to take part in the War of the Realm's final battle.[3]



Aguila was a brave and capable warrior, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of a sword and pistol.

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