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The Gael is an especially sadistic hitman with ties to Irish militant group, IRA. His identity was unknown to all apart from his contact person, Fergus O'Breen who he killed to keep his identity hidden. He learned that Fergus may have told his daughter, Glory O'Breen and tracked her down and tried to kill her. She was saved by Daredevil and Gael was arrested.[1] Later, the Gael injured himself in prison and taken to a hospital and used this time to escape. He set out to learn the location of the "Old Woman of Beare" (secretly Glory), a woman who arranged transport for IRA agents to and from America. He tracked her down and tried to kill her but was stopped by the Daredevil, but he escaped capture.[2] Gael attempted to flee america back to Ireland but ran into Glory again and tried to kill her. However, at the airport was also the Cossack who blinded everybody, and allowed Glory to escape. He chased her through the airport who ran into Daredevil who defeated and cpatured the Gael again.[3]

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Prefers knives.

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