Husk was part of Cannonball's X-Men team who helped by gathering supplies from all the junk ships left over from the Builder War. Husk and Armor were tethered to Cannonball as they made their way into the warship. While at work, another ship headed towards the Blackbird. It turned out to be an Quinjet.

After the Avengers docked with the Blackbird, Husk was found in the mess hall listening to a story when she heard the telepathic cry of Phoenix. Husk and the others made their way to find Star Brand, and Black Widow stealing their cargo.

A fight ensued between both teams with Husk going up against Spider-Woman but it didn't last long as Cannonball knocked out Sunspot and then took out Supergiant permanently. Hisako was last seen with her fellow teammates old and new.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Paige Guthrie of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Paige Guthrie of Earth-616.

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