Paladin and Misty Knight were a pair of cops who operated out of Killville on Battleworld. One night the pair caught and arrested Bombshell who had just received Kraven's coin, a coin which if returned to Kraven at his Jungle World Casino would earn it's returner a fortune. Unfortunately the made Misty and Paladin a target of The Hunt and the pair were attacked by Rhino, who threw them inside the casino. Losing the coin in the confusion, Misty and Paladin had to deal with Rhino and Toad to recover it, only to Ultron to announce to every criminal in the casino that they were with the coin. They fought their way through the villains to the upper levels of the casino, where they fought and killed Mister Sinister (Kraven's legal counsel) and Tarantula, who hit Paladin with his poisoned knife, paralyzing him temporarily. Misty left Paladin behind and entered the casino's penthouse to claim the prize, there Kraven revealed to her the true nature of The Hunt and offered her the opportunity to run it herself, but she declined the offer by punching him on the face and leaving the casino with the money and a paralyzed Paladin.[1]

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