Pale Mist was the daughter of the Chief of the Utabi Tribe, who promised her in marriage to Bright Eagle, the greatest warrior of the Shawmis Tribe in order to seal a peace pact between the two tribes.

The marriage was opposed by Crooked Knife who loved Pale Mist and resented the Shawmis after years of battle against them. However, the Chief was unmoved when Crooked Knife failed to convince him to prevent this union. In retaliation he gathered other braves who had suffered losses against the Shawmis to join his cause. They disguised themselves as Shawmis warriors and murdered the group escorting Pale Mist in the hopes of framing the Shawmis[1].

Pale Mist recognized the disguised warriors, particularly Crooked Knife and fled away in fear, only to run into the Black Rider, who forced the renegades away. Crooked Knife in turn turned both the Utabi and Shawmis against the Black Rider by convincing all of them that he had kidnapped Pale Mist for himself. Crooked Knife's plot fell apart when the Black Rider, in his alter-ego of Frontier doctor Matthew Masters went to the Utabi village and convinced both the Utabi chief and Bright Eagle of Crooked Knife's plot[1].

Crooked Knife later attempted to kill Bright Eagle in his teepee, however, it has been a plot to catch him and Bright Eagle killed him in combat. Pale Mist was reunited with her people and was soon married to Bright Eagle.

The fate of Pale Mist of the other members of the Utabi tribe has not been revealed.

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