Pamela Leighton was one of the people who gained paranormal powers as a result of the White Event, in her case the ability to control the emotions of others via touch. She seemed to favor using her power on men in order to cause them to be attracted to her sexually, but it is unknown whether this was a limit to her power or just a personal preference as to how she used it. [citation needed]

Pamela admitted herself to the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin, and was assigned to Therapy Group B, a group who had an antagonistic relationship with Therapy Group D. Despite that, Pamela was attracted to Therapy Group D's Randy O'Brien, and on more than one occasion tried to use her power on him to make him return her feelings. When the patients were assigned work duties to ease the burden on the Clinic's small staff, Pamela took on a job as a food server in the cafeteria.[citation needed]

During the police raid that closed the Clinic, Pamela tried to make a run for it with two other patients, Sally 'Shock' Gallagher and John 'Scrap Iron' Rost. They failed, and during the patients' final stand against the police, Pamela was shot in the stomach. It is unknown if she survived the shooting. [citation needed]


After the White Event, Pamela gained the ability to control the emotions of others by touch. She commonly used her power on men, in order to make them attracted to her, and it is unknown if her power worked on women too.

Strength level

Normal human strength.

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