The Panama Canal is a man-made 48 Mile waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

20th Century

In 1940, Mr. Muro, a practitioner of the black arts had stolen defence plans for the Panama Canal in order to conquer the region. He was thwarted by his constant nemesis Monako the Magician[1].

Modern Era

Loki took control of Thor and forced him to attack various landmarks around the world including the Panama Canal. [2]

Namor battled Karthon in Panama.[3]

The Hulk traveled down the Panama Canal when he hid on a ship bound for Morvania[4]

Namor and Iron Man teamed up and traveled to Panama to take down Hydra who they were shipping drugs down the Panama Canal. They planned to release a a new designer drug, addicting the entire country to facilitate Hydra taking it over. He subdues the agents and destroys the main supply. Leaving to stop the outgoing shipment, Iron Man is met by Namor, who has discovered Attuma's forces and realizes there is an impending attack on the Panama Canal. Iron Man battled the Atlanteans while Namor stopperd the Hydra drug shipment. Despite the Atlanteans using their Omega rocket against Iron Man, he fends off the attacking army until the U.S. Air Force arrived. Iron Man then leaves to help Namor, but the Hydra agents destroy the boat, apparently killing Namor in the process.[5] Tony Stark was wheelchair bound after battle and tried to view the footage at the canal to see if Namor survived.[6]

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