Paras Gavaskar was called back home to his family estate just outside Mumbai. He returned when he learned his brother was in a coma. However they planned to have him married off in the place of his brother. Paras was accompanied by Loa, Anole, Rogue and Magneto. After arriving home and meeting his parents he went to check on his brother and, knowing of his condition, his mother told him why they really called him. Paras went to his father to talk to him about arranging his marriage without his knowledge, but his father didn't seem to be responsive.[1] When the others returned from "shopping" with another girl named Luisa, Paras' father was angry as he saw this as abusing his "hospitality". As they decided to leave, Paras told them to stay, because he wanted familiar faces at his wedding. Paras' bride-to-be arrived that afternoon, and she and Paras were introduced to each other. The next day, they found that Luisa used her power to make a nude painting made of light which she removed after it was requested by the others. After that, Luisa and Paras had a conversation and she kissed him, but he told her he couldn't return her feelings as he was promised to another woman, just as Rogue and Magneto told them they wanted to talk to Luisa, who admitted that her real name is Luz. The Children of the Vault then appeared to take their sister Luz back.[2] A battle started, which the X-Men lost. Rogue and Magneto were taken, each for a different reason. Paras wanted to help his friends, but his father reminded him of his promise to him, which was to take the place of his brother in the marriage. Just as the wedding was about to finish, it was revealed that Luz had switched places with Paras' bride.[3] Indra, despite his father forbidding him, went to the Corridor that had crashed into Mumbai. At first Luz didn't want to go, because if she went the other Children of the Vault would not let her go, but changed her mind and decided to help Paras by using her power to change his and his friends' appearance. After taking their friends they went to destroy the device that keep the city in their reality. Rogue was attacked, and Indra was forced to save her by hurting the attacker, which he asked Rogue not to talk about. After destroying the device and returning home, Paras decided that the path of non-violence is not the way to stop evil.[4]


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