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When Phil Coulson made a deal with the demon Mephisto to change the world, Mephisto gave him the Pandemonium Cube to do it. It was a glowing red cube that allowed Coulson to warp reality to where the Avengers never formed and were replaced by the Squadron Supreme. Also, Mephisto was worshipped by a majority of the United States.[1]

The cube wasn't perfect, though. Somehow, Blade the Vampire Hunter of Earth-616 was unaffected by the reality warp and began gathering the Avengers to change reality back to its previous state.[2]

Phil Coulson of Earth-TRN852 was told by Mephisto that the foundation of his new reality weakened every time the word "Avengers" was said. To keep reality from returning to normal, Coulson planned to use the Pandemonium Cube again.[1]

Coulson traveled to Wakanda where the Squadron Supreme and the Avengers were battling, planning to take out the Avengers and prevent his new world from crumbling. He was confronted by Captain America who battled him until Coulson's flying car was knocked out of the air. The Pandemonium Cube was then destroyed by Echo and Starbrand while Coulson died in his burning car. Reality returned to normal after the Pandemonium Cube was destroyed, and Phil Coulson of Earth-616 became trapped in his own Pandemonium Cube. Mephisto then revealed the reason he gave the Cube to Coulson was to demonstrate to the Council of Red, a interdimensional group of Mephistos, how much reality could be changed by just one Mephisto.[3]

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