Origin and early years

Pandora was exiled to an island in the Pacific ages ago after defying the will of Zeus and unleashing all the evils in the world from her black box.

Then, the Eternal sorcerer Sersi, under the identity of Circe, gathered the evils back into the Box and shut it with a spell.[1]

Silver Age

In recent years, a shipwreck survivor named Dan Harper found himself washed up on Pandora's island and she tricked him into opening the box for her once more, unleashing a monster which she intended to use to conquer the world. Harper, however, escaped to Australia and returned with mirrors with which he surrounded Pandora, shattering the illusion of beauty she projected and revealing her true age. Pandora, unable to bear the sight of herself, agreed to return her creature to the box in return for the removal of the mirrors. Pandora's box was buried in a secret location by the Australian authorities, but Pandora remained on her island, comforted by her illusion of beauty once more.[2]

Her current whereabouts are unknown.[3]


Pandora is apparently immortal, though not ageless.


Pandora can't stand her reflection, showing her her true face defiled by the ages.[3]


Pandora's Box

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