Little about the entity known as Pandora has been revealed. With the appearance of a slime or fungus, Pandora traveled with world-hopping mercenary team Technet, sealed inside a metallic ball. When needed, Technet would unleash Pandora from the ball, at which point it would envelop consume any organic material it could find.

Pandora was present on Technet's first recorded mission, when Sat-Yr-9 hired the group to track down the fugitive Kaptain Briton.[1] After traveling with the group to Earth-616, and mistakenly bringing Captain Britain back to Sat-Yr-9, Pandora traveled with Technet after they were exiled from Sat-Yr-9's world.[2][3]

After surviving a disastrous mission to the planet of Wereworld that resulted in the death of team member Elmo, Pandora was last seen when Technet disbanded after their leader, Gatecrasher, bankrupted the team.[4]

Pandora's current whereabouts are unknown.

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